Judge mandates COVID shot for more lenient sentencing terms

A leftist judge in Ohio is using his seat of power to force a black man facing probation to get the experimental jab.  That's the reality facing Sylvaun Latham, who was blindsided by the no-win scenario in a Franklin County courtroom during a recent sentencing. 

Unfortunately for Mr. Latham, Judge Richard Frye, a Democrat, has mandated COVID-19 inoculation as a condition of leniency, with one-year probation contingent upon proof of vaccination.  Latham is now left to publicly lament the strange reality he now finds himself in.  "The whole atmosphere of the courtroom changed. ... Everyone had this look on their face.  I broke character and asked [my attorney], 'Can he do this?'"

Mr. Latham is a criminal offender who was facing probation for gun and drug charges when the shocking ultimatum was handed down by the leftist judge.  Originally, Latham and his attorney had anticipated a plea deal that would result in three years of probation.  Now he's staring at the prospect of a five-year probation sentence.

This places Mr. Latham in a gut-wrenching position.  Like so many Americans, Latham wants nothing to do with this experimental vaccine.  He adamantly articulated his hesitancy to a local reporter: "I'm shaking at this point.  I don't like where this is going. ... I feel like it is an overstep especially when he asked me if I'd get it and I said I really don't want to get it. ... That's not like picking up trash ... that's my health."

Only in a free society can our lives truly matter.

Image via Max Pixel.

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