Joe Biden decompensates some more in public

The media insisted that Donald Trump was the worst, most vulgar figure ever to enter the White House.  It wasn't that he actually did anything gross.  It was just that they thought he was gross, and so anything he did was held up as unbefitting the dignity of the White House.  Joe Biden, though, just did something really gross: when he learned that he had something hanging on his face, he ate it!

Notwithstanding the media's ugly obsession with President Trump, it seems to me that Democrats have the real lock on being openly disgusting.  John F. Kennedy had sex parties.  Lyndon Johnson held meetings while on the toilet (or, blech, peeing in the sink).  When it comes to President Clinton, I'll just say the words "cigars in the Oval Office" and stop right there.  Talk about conduct unbefitting the dignity of the White House.  Barack Obama liked to appear cool, but part of being cool meant inviting into the White House rappers whose songs trafficked in obscenity, misogyny, racism, and police-hatred.

Trump never did anything like that.  He had an eccentric way of speaking and was a larger-than-life character, that's for certain, but he never once behaved in an unseemly way in the White House.  And no, feeding McDonald's food during a shutdown to hungry athletes doesn't count.  As I've said before, the media could have treated him as a 21st-century Teddy Roosevelt — an American colossus astride the world — but the media chose another approach.

Then there's Joe Biden.  Already, last year, Biden seemed to have entered that phase of dementia that sees an end to many social controls.  Those of us who have watched relatives age have seen exquisite women swearing and gentlemanly men start passes at anything that moves.  Biden loses his temper a lot, another sign of early dementia, because dealing with the limits of aging and the confusion of dementia is frustrating.

Things took a serious turn for the weird when Biden bit his wife's fingers at a public appearance.  It wasn't cute; it was icky:

That is a private behavior, not something appropriate for a presidential campaign.

On Friday, Biden transitioned from icky to gross:

What's next?  Picking his nose?  Something worse?  Again, those of us who have dealt with mentally impaired elderly people know there's always something worse.  At this point, the only thing keeping Biden in the White House is the fact that Democrats realize that Kamala is so bad that she'll make Joe look good — and as long as Jill and Ron Klain keep the home fires burning, everything's going according to plan.

Image: Biden being Biden. Twitter screen grab.

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