Jen Psaki refuses to call COVID cases from Texas legislators a 'superspreader' event

Democrats have made a big deal about "super-spreader" events at President Trump's previous rallies.  No such catastrophes have occurred, but that never stopped their fear-mongering in the name of "science."  It was just too convenient for them, given their potential for political gain.

Well, now we got a real super-spreader event — six Texas Democrat legislators out of the 60 who took their "fleebag" show on the road to Washington to halt a vote on electoral clean-up in their own state, coming down with COVID.  This happened despite their claims to have been fully vaccinated, which has a funny sound to it.

Worse still, they very likely spread it to someone on Nancy Pelosi's staff and a White House functionary since then.  Those cases are the ones we know about.  They actually met with a lot of people in Washington, and we have yet to hear about potentially more cases.

According to the New York Times, in a report published July 14:

State Senator Carol Alvarado, the chairwoman of the Texas State Senate Democratic Caucus, said that the group had a "very intimate" meeting on Tuesday afternoon with Vice President Kamala Harris. Other members of the group mentioned that they had met with sympathetic Democratic senators like Chuck Schumer of New York, the majority leader, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

And according to the Austin American-Statesman, in a report published July 17:

Texas Democrats have met with a slew of Capitol Hill Democrats this week, including U.S. Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Vice President Kamala Harris also met with them Tuesday.

Look at the lovely pictures of these Texas legislators in action from this July 13 tweet from Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Most people who come down with COVID these days are unvaccinated.  There are some "breakthrough" cases where fully vaccinated people do still manage to come down with the pandemic disease, but the most vulnerable are those who aren't vaccinated.  The press has claimed that the "vaccine hesitant" are ignorant boobs who voted for President Trump.  A recent study shows that no, they're actually a pretty informed bunch.  What's more, they're divided down the middle between Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats are big fans of vaccine passports for the little guy.  Might we see the vaccine cards of the Democrats who are involved in this contagious event?

More to the point, might we see some sense from Jen Psaki, who, despite the evidence before her eyes, refuses to call a superspreader event a superspreader event?  Seems that when a superspreader is a Democrat, it's not a superspreader event, no matter how many people come down with COVID.

It's a stupid thing, given that Democrats insist they've got the moral authority to make such declarations when the accused superspreaders are Republicans.  Now that we've got a real superspreader event going on, they can't even state the obvious, which really is "science," and there's no arguing about it.

Anyone going to listen to them next time they bring up superspreader events and demand the public shut down inside and wear masks?

Image: Twitter screen shot.