Isn't it time that the media and other Democrats stop pretending they care about facts?

It should have been a big story on the nightly news that France warned the Obama administration in 2015 about the Wuhan lab, but it didn't seem to make the cut.

It should also have been a big story last year when President Trump, Sen. Tom Cotton, and others were raising concern about the lab as being the origin of the virus, but most of the media and other Democrats dismissed that as a false conspiracy and buried the story because all they cared about was defeating Trump and discrediting everything he said.

Why did taxpayer funds ever end up at a Chinese lab?  Here's the story:

France Warned US in 2015 About China's Wuhan Lab, Investigator Says

In 2015, French intelligence officials warned the U.S. State Department and their own foreign ministry that China was cutting back on agreed collaboration at the lab.

The U.S. has had over 600,000 deaths attributed to the COVID-19 virus, yet when Republicans had a congressional hearing about the origins of the virus, House speaker Nancy Pelosi, other Democrats, and Dr. Anthony Fauci didn't even show up because they didn't care.

The media barely covered the hearing because they also didn't care.

The media and other Democrats know that Dr. Fauci lied before Congress when he said taxpayer funds didn't get to the Wuhan lab to be used for gain of function research but don't care.

They all still trot out the known liar Fauci, who has continually misled the public about the virus, as someone the public should obey because they don't care about facts.

The CDC refuses to share data that justifies the idea that vaccinated people must wear masks because there is none, and they know that most of the media and other Democrats don't care.

The CDC refuses to share data that says unvaccinated children, masked or unmasked, are actively spreading the virus because there are none, and they know most of the media and other Democrats don't care.

The government edicts have caused immeasurable physical, mental, and financial damage to children, and they don't care as they reimpose and extend the edicts.

The media, the CDC, and other Democrats know that states without the mask mandate did as well as or better than states with the mask mandate but don't care.

New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Michigan's Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and a couple of other Democrat governors essentially sent in sick, contagious people like loaded guns into nursing homes and caused excess deaths, and the Justice Department dropped an investigation into whether people's civil rights were violated because they don't care.

And the media will continue to spread the misinformation that the Biden Justice department is apolitical.

It is a good thing Whitmer and Cuomo didn't carry a flag into the Capitol, because then they would have been in trouble.

The news of what they got away with is here:

Feds end civil rights inquiry of Cuomo handling of COVID in nursing homes; other probes of issue proceeding

Most of the media have stopped reporting on the insurrection at the border because they don't care.  They don't even care that many of the illegals are spreading the virus into America even as they put strict mask and lockdown restrictions onto American citizens.

The fact that journalists, entertainers, and other Democrats aren't protesting or even talking about the border shows they never cared.  The protests against Trump were purely political.

The fact that the Biden administration will let almost anyone but Cubans into the country as refugees shows that their talking points against root causes for mass migration are for appearance only.  If anyone has a root cause, it is Cubans, who have been oppressed by communism for 62 years.

The Justice Department dropped criminal cases against five Chinese researchers who lied about their affiliation with the Chinese military because they like to treat the Chinese with kid gloves.

U.S. Drops Visa Fraud Cases Against Five Chinese Researchers

The Justice Department dropped cases against five visiting researchers accused of hiding their affiliations with China's military, in a major setback to a landmark effort to root out alleged Chinese intelligence-gathering in the U.S.

In brief court filings late Thursday and Friday, prosecutors said they would no longer pursue visa fraud and other charges against the scientists, including biomedical and cancer researchers in California and a doctoral candidate studying artificial intelligence in Indiana.

It reminds me of when the Obama Justice Department dropped charges against drug-running terrorists to appease Iran.  The media and other Democrats have never cared about all the deaths from terrorism and drug overdoses because Obama dictatorially ordered the Justice Department to set the dangerous criminals free.

It's a good thing that these Chinese researchers and terrorists aren't Trump-supporters protesting an election, or they might be in solitary confinement instead of running free to cause harm throughout the world.

Joe Biden, many journalists, and other Democrats continually lie about election integrity laws to gin up rage and division because the truth doesn't matter.  The media and other Democrats fight election audits and never cared that election officials violated their state laws in the 2020 election because their chosen one won.

The media continue to bury the story about the Biden family corruption, just as they buried the truth about the Clinton family corruption, because they don't care about anything but power.

Career criminals are set free to commit more crimes because of soft-on-crime politicians and district attorneys.  Why don't the media care about these DAs who won elections because of support from people like George Soros?

The Biden administration is working as fast as it can to destroy the oil and coal industry by claiming it destroys the climate.  Not once have the media asked anyone in the Biden administration or anyone else pushing this radical agenda for one piece of scientific data that shows a direct relationship between oil and coal use and temperatures or storm activity.  The reason they don't ask is either because they know there are no scientific data to support the destruction or because they don't care.

Will anyone care about the deaths of Ashli Babbitt, Seth Rich, and all the kids getting killed in inner cities, or do only the deaths that fit an agenda get attention?

Why don't we hear about the Twenty-Fifth Amendment when we witness pure cognitive decline by Biden and as it becomes clear that he is not running anything because he is not capable?  Is it because they don't care or because they recognize that Kamala Harris is as incompetent as he is?

I am sure others can think of thousands of things the media and other Democrats bury or don't care about as they push their radical leftist agenda to remake or destroy America.

Isn't it time that the media and other Democrats stopped pretending they care about science, facts, and transparency when all they care about is power?

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