Independent vaccine study needs about 725 more responses

An independent study of COVID, the vaccine, and possible side effects was started in June and is now just short of the target needed to yield statistically valid results.

Traditionally, researchers have relied on government vaccine reporting systems, such as, to alert them to potential problems when new vaccines are introduced.  It is required by doctors and pharmaceutical industry members to report any adverse effects, but the database is not standardized, so it is difficult to reach statistically valid conclusions.  Estimates are that only 1–10% of actual adverse reactions are reported to VAERS.

The study asks all Americans, regardless of their experiences with COVID, to respond with their experiences.  Questions include:

  • Did they get COVID?  If so, how severe was it?
  • Have they tried different methods to prevent getting COVID?
  • Have they gotten the vaccine, and did they experience any side effects?
  • If they have not gotten the vaccine, have they experienced unusual side effects, and were they in close contact with people who got the shots?

If someone has died in connection with a COVID vaccine injection, the study allows close relatives to report on their behalf.

When the study goal is reached, the researchers will release data to qualified independent researchers to analyze the data, minus all personal data, such as name or contact information.

Results should give clues as to which preventative measures have proven to be most successful, which treatments are effective, and if the side effects are as pronounced as some reports suggest.  Also, the stories circulating about women having reproductive side effects, such as unusual vaginal bleeding, and even miscarriages and stillbirths, may be confirmed or refuted.

If you haven’t taken the survey already, you can take 3–7 minutes to participate in this valuable research.  Without independent research, people will be unable to make informed decisions as to whether they or their family members should take a COVID shot.

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