In Hunter Biden Bingo, who had 'he lied about a homeless crack addict'?

Do you remember when Jimmy Carter tried hard to keep his bad-boy brother Billy away from the White House?  Those days of presidential rectitude are long gone. Joe Biden wants to keep Hunter Biden near him, and so Hunter's peccadilloes are going to be near Joe, too.  The latest is the revelation that Hunter Biden, in Beautiful Things: A Memoir, his alleged autobiography (because who believes he really wrote it?), was lying through what's left of his meth-addict teeth when he devoted an entire chapter to his caring, compassionate relationship with a middle-aged Black crack addict.

I haven't read his book, but, according to the Daily Mail, Biden devoted lots of space to "Rhea":

In his book, Hunter devotes nearly an entire chapter to a woman he writes he 'loved as much as any friend he's ever loved,' a homeless crack addict he says he trusted to live in his apartment even though she was a criminal and had one son on death row and another serving life in prison.

Hunter also alleged that Rhea was the one who turned him into a crack addict.  To this, the Daily Mail drily adds, "The 52-year-old Washington, DC woman, who Hunter refers to by the pseudonym Rhea in his book, tells a different story."

But you know me.  Before I get to the meat, let me give you the background.  As I read the Daily Mail, my first question was how the publication found the real Rhea.  Had she stepped forward, and do we know she's real?  Well, she's real and the Daily Mail found her by locating on Hunter's hard drive the texts she had exchanged with him.

In the texts, when Rhea pleads with Biden for help getting into his apartment, the man who "loved her as much as any friend he's ever loved" pithily replied, "No I can't a------."

In another thread, when she thanked him for some "investment you putting it to [into?] me," Hunter said, "Shut up."  He then instructed her to "stop calling."

So why was Rhea trying to get into his apartment if she lived there?  Well, according to the actual Rhea, who is still homeless, she didn't live there at all.  Again, from the Daily Mail:

Rhea explodes several more Hunter lies in the Daily Mail article.

When shown excerpts of the memoir she hadn't read in its entirety, she disputed many of the specifics the president's son wrote about her upbringing, her life on the street and the evolution of their unlikely friendship, including Hunter's claim they grew so close he let her stay in his home for five months.

'See, this is some b-------,' she told after reading that line. 'I never lived with him. All I did was clean his house. He was never there.'

She said certain details seemed to be pulled out of thin air. For starters, she said, she doesn't have a son on death row or locked up for life.

'He doesn't know about my family,' she said. 'He puts all this information in here he didn't know about me.'

What she most objected to is how Hunter portrayed her as sucking him into his addiction.

'He makes it seem like I'm the reason he was in this situation,' she said. 'He's making me out to be the villain.'

Her version aligns better with the texts, which sound as if they come from a frustrated cleaning lady or a junkie looking for a place to crash than they do the texts of someone Hunter loved as he loved no other and who was sharing his home with him.

The Daily Mail also has emails from the manager at Hunter's office building showing that Hunter was sneaking Rhea, who was then his crack dealer, into the office building.  Hunter pulled out the race card to defend himself.

Hunter is a presidential liability, yet Biden pulls him ever closer.  Why?  Yes, some of it's clearly because Biden loves his son, but it's a sick, corrupt love.  Not only does Biden seem to be an enabler, constantly rescuing Hunter from his own disasters, but there's more going on.  As the White House's connivance with Hunter over the infamous art show reveals, Biden needs Hunter as his conduit for selling out America.  In that way, Biden isn't an enabler; he's an abuser — especially because I wouldn't be surprised if some of Hunter's problems aren't physical, arising from the serious head injuries he sustained in the accident that killed his mother.

By the way, regarding Hunter's art, he has real graphic and color sense.  If I were at a street fair, I wouldn't hesitate to shell out $50 to buy one of his pieces to brighten up a child's room.  Spend any more than that on his work, and you know someone is buying a ticket to the White House.

Image: Hunter Biden with the crack pipe that tied him to Rhea.  Public domain from Hunter's hard drive.

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