How long until the wokesters come after our coins?

American coins have slept so long, no doubt the progs think that it is time to woke them up.

On the quarter dollar we must remove George Washington.  He owned or controlled over 300 enslaved people.  We could replace his visage with that of our first Black president, Barack Obama.

From the nickel we must boot Tommy Jefferson.  During his life, he owned over 600 enslaved people and sexually exploited an enslaved woman.  On the nickel we can engrave the face of another excellent chief executive.  Perhaps James Earl Carter.

That takes care of the slaveholders.  But we are not done.

Lincoln said some mean things about Blacks, mighty mean.  Abe should go, must go.  I would leave it to a commission of sage minds to determine who should replace the Great Emancipator on the penny.

Then we have the dime, graced by Franklin Roosevelt.  It took his wife to publicly advocate for the Tuskegee Airmen.  It took his successor, Harry Truman, to finally integrate the Armed Forces.  Crimes of neglect are still crimes.  FDR has to go.  Again, we should rely on the sage commission to select a worthy replacement.

The John Kennedy half-dollar is problematic.  JFK advocated strongly for Black civil rights.  He, however, would have not lasted long in today's #MeToo environment.  The commission will have to ponder long and hard whether to keep the 35th president.

The dollar coin was last minted for circulation in 2011.  Such dollars bear the image of a Native American woman (often Sacagawea, aide to Lewis and Clark).  No change needed here.

Let us move to inscriptions.  The commission will surely recommend replacing "In God We Trust" with "In Joe We Trust."  "Liberty" will become "Equity."  And "E Pluribus Unum" becomes "E Pluribus Diversitas."

The commission may also recommend that tributes to states of the Union no longer appear on the backside of the quarter.  Rather, the backside should display a nation or a people — a nation or people exploited and abused by the United States during its sordid history.  An apology should accompany the display.

Lastly, to soothe the souls of our Muslim citizens, the Islamic year could substitute for the Gregorian year (e.g., 1442 for 2021).  But that admittedly might be a bridge too far.

There, all fixed.  A coinage America can spend with pride. 

Next up for discussion: is the whiteboard a stealth symbol for White supremacy?

Image: Public domain photo.

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