How fatuous and puerile is the left?

On June 29 Ohio state representative Jena Powell attempted to speak on the floor of the Ohio House of Representatives in favor of an amendment to Ohio's Senate Bill 187 that allows college athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness.  Powell spoke in favor of an amendment to that bill, which would ban males from competing in women's sports — the Save the Women's Sports Act.  This issue, if common sense were to prevail, would be a no-brainer.  There are only two sexes, and everyone not deleteriously woke knows that.  Men on average are stronger and have more muscle mass, lung capacity, and endurance.  Women cannot best men in any physical competition between conditioned athletes.

The trans campaign to make the travesty of people with Y chromosomes competing in women's sports legal, as if it were remotely fair, is nonsense, and every sentient American knows it.  But at this particular moment, when this particular Ohio rep got up to speak, a few despicable Democrats decided to behave like the thugs they are.  As she spoke, several of the Democrats began booing and banging their desks as if they were monkeys in a zoo.

Rude hardly describes their behavior. Powell was a trooper.  She kept going despite the abominable shouting and banging.  The bill and her amendment passed in the Ohio House.

However, Ohio governor Mike DeWine is a total squish on the issue.  He says he will not sign it, that it shouldn't be a government issue.  Where the hell has he been?  The left has made it a government issue by forcing it on a once-unsuspecting public in its quest to destroy the essential science of basic biology along with all traditional American values.

How on Earth do Republicans as spineless as DeWine get elected?  Because they campaign as conservatives and govern as malleable tools of the media-compliant wanna-be-liked politicians.  They go along to get along and so fail those who elected them.

But DeWine's lack of courage is nothing compared to the beastly behavior of the Ohio Democrats who attempted to shout Powell down.  One of them was Rep. Mike Skindell, who called the amendment "an extreme attack on transgendered people."

Twitter video screengrab (cropped).

No, it isn't. Letting men compete against girls is effectively killing girls' and women's sports.

But that obvious consequence of what has been happening where males are allowed to compete in girls' sports is lost on those who disagree.  TransOhio volunteer Lena Tenney called the legislation "pure trash ... state-sponsored bullying of children."  State-sponsored bullying of children it is not; it is common sense, common decency.

One of the left's favorite tactics is brainwashing the public into believing that gay and trans people make up a sizable share of the population; ask any Millennial.  Trans people are about 0.6% of the population.  That is about 1.4M people within a population of 330M.  For that 1.4M, America is remaking nearly every civil and law enforcement institution.  It's absurd.  No one would mind if they created their own sports leagues and competed against each other, but to alter the way the world works is insane.  It is destroying women's sports. 

The Marxist left has been working hard to transform American culture for decades — "gender is a social construct" and all that nonsense.  It was the Obama administration that fast-tracked its campaign that now ironically seems to be based on Orwell's novel 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.  Words used to mean things.  Now permissible language is rigidly enforced in the media and even more inflexibly on any college campus.  Snowflake and pajama boy college students must have trigger warnings before reading literature written by a white male.  They need safe spaces with coloring books and stuffed animals if triggered by an incorrect pronoun or upon hearing a banned word.  At Brandeis, the word "trigger" is now banned for its possible relation to...wait for it...guns.  Now dead white males like Shakespeare are simply no longer taught. 

Critical Race Theory is the clearest form of racism ever used to indoctrinate an entire student population.  It teaches kids from K to 12 that they are either a victim or an oppressor because of the color of their skin.  Could there be a more destructive doctrine than one that teaches perpetual victimhood?  Perhaps the one that punishes young female athletes by pretending it is fair to have them compete against males.  Georgi Boorman ended her column on this topic with this obvious scientific fact: "We cannot transcend our bodies or change them into some other kind.  Sex is an intrinsic aspect of our identity, and no amount of semantic meddling will change that."

In a perfect world, those Democrats in Ohio who behaved so abominably while Jena Powell spoke in favor of banning males in women's sports would be quickly driven from the offices they do not deserve to hold.  The world is shifting around us, and too many are shaping themselves to fit into it when we should be fighting with all our might to protect what has made America so great.  Rep. Skindell and his fellow reprobates must not be the arbiters of our nation's future.

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