Has there ever been a nation in history with more opportunities for Black people than the USA?

We hear a lot about Critical Race Theory and how America is a systemically racist country.  Everything is all about skin color and which group — oppressor or oppressed — you belong to.  I hesitate to write this article because to even broach the topic of race these days or to offer an honest critique runs the risk of being labeled a racist and being canceled.

We see constant examples of real racism, largely against White people.  The evidence is indisputable.  Along with the racism comes a colossal double-standard, which should be enough to make your blood boil.  In America today, anti-White racism is not only accepted but even fashionable!

Take, for example, recent statements made by Jalen Rose, a Black former professional basketball player, about current NBA player Kevin Love, who is White, being included on the Olympic basketball team.  Rose said, "Kevin Love is on the team because of tokenism."

Rose is upset that Love was the lone White player selected on an otherwise all-Black team.  I thought liberals were all about "Inclusion!"  Does Jalen Rose still have his commentator job?  Yup.

Now just imagine for a moment that some retired White NHL player came out with the exact same comment about a Black hockey player being included on the Olympic hockey team.  It would be utter chaos.  He would be branded a racist for life and almost certainly lose his job with whatever sports network he worked for.

But that's only the tip of the racist iceberg!  What about the recent story about a New York psychiatrist (POC) who told a Yale audience about her fantasies of killing White people and then doubled down on it when asked to clarify?  How does she still have her job or credibility?

How about Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot's recent announcement that she was going to resume giving interviews to the press, but not to any White reporters? What if Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida came out and said he wouldn't give interviews to Black reporters?  How long do you think it would take for him to be (rightfully) out of a job?

On a weekly basis, I see reports of attacks by young Black people against Whites and Asians, usually in Democrat-run utopias like New York City and Philadelphia.  These attacks are intentional, targeted, and often accompanied by anti-White racist slurs.  Where is the outrage?

If you want to identify real racism to fight, you need look no farther than the current resident of the United States.  Joe Biden's history of blatantly racist comments is long and undeniable.  Google Joe's classics, like his "racial jungle" or "poor kids are just as smart as White kids" remarks.  Then imagine the reaction if President Trump had made any of those comments.  Biden gets a pass because he's a leftist. 

At least the old standard racist organizations — the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, the United Negro College Fund, BET, and Ebony Magazine How — could claim to be trying to help Black people in some way.  (But just imagine if there were "White Entertainment TV" or "Ivory Magazine"!)

So we're to the point where White people are fair game, and our kids are being taught that they are racists simply because they were born White.  Even if they are not consciously aware of their alleged racism, they are still racist because they are White.  The solution to racism is...apparently...stronger and even more blatant racism?  Gotcha.

Moving on, let's talk a little about how terrible it is in America today (and for the last several decades) to be Black.  There are simply no opportunities for Black Americans; no jobs; no career paths; no ability to get an education.  Nothing.  I don't know how they get by!  Oh, I guess you have to exclude the preferential treatment given to black applicants over Whites and Asians at nearly every major university in the country.  How about the many government loan programs that are exclusively for Black-owned businesses?  Or scholarships that exist exclusively for Black students?  How about the fact that grading standards at many colleges have been lowered, which in and of itself is racist and does far more harm than good to those who are accepted?  Lowering the bar does not raise anyone up; it only brings us all down. 

Most decent people are all for equality of opportunity.  They just don't buy into the equity of outcome nonsense.  If a student or job applicant is qualified, most don't care what color he is.  No one wins when the standards are ignored or lowered just to check off a box that says, "Yup, we've got some of those.  We're woke!"

Nowhere on Earth or in history does there exist a place or a time where Black people have had more opportunities than they do right here and right now.  The true outrage should be toward those people and policies that espouse the belief that Black people can't succeed without the help of others, that they can't achieve at the same level, that they're not good enough without help from Whites.  Black people being fed a constant diet of victimhood and "Us versus Them" is what holds them back. 

Image: Andy Witchger via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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