Harris's statements about her border visit were utterly predictable

I could have written Kamala Harris's public statements following her visit to the border.  In fact, I believe they were written well in advance of her visit.  As is usual with her, she was long on platitudes, slogans, and blame-shifting and short on substance.  A member of her own party criticized her for not even visiting the problem areas of the border and, instead, going to El Paso.

Harris pretty much used the same theme the Biden administration and the Democrats have been using since before taking office January 20, 2021 — Blame Trump.  It doesn't matter what the issue is: blame Trump and blame the Republicans.  That is their go-to answer for everything.

I was pleased to see Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) criticize Harris.  It's a departure from the Democrat playbook since Obama's election.  For eight years, the Obama administration blamed the administration of George W. Bush for the sluggish economy.  Obama even did so standing next to Bush at the unveiling ceremony for President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush's portraits.

Obama also claimed publicly that candidate Donald Trump was making false claims about jobs coming back and the economy improving if he were elected president.  When jobs came back and the economy improved under Trump, after eight years of a dismal Obama economy, Obama claimed credit for the robust economy.

In keeping with the Democrat game plan, Harris stated that the problem at the border was inherited from the previous administration.  This raises the question: exactly what problem at the border was that?  Harris didn't really state anything specifically, which is par for the course with her.  So what could it be?  Perhaps it was that there weren't enough illegals crossing the border who could one day become Democrat voters.  Perhaps that problem is why Democrats needed so desperately to pass the inappropriately named "For the People" act (S1 in the Senate and HR1 in the House).

If passed into law (and they will try again), a "For the People" act would allow anyone, literally with or without a pulse, to vote.  It would eliminate a fair election process — although it would be open to challenge in court on the ground that it would be unconstitutional.

Harris's other comments were the usual platitudes and slogans.  These were statements as lacking in substance and truths as the claims that President Trump stole the election from Hillary Clinton by colluding with Vladimir Putin.  Hillary Clinton and other Democrats still assert this even though Robert Mueller's investigation yielded no proof.  Instead, it showed only that Christopher Steele had admitted that his dossier was nothing but unsubstantiated gossip.  Hillary keeps making this claim every time she is in front of a camera.

Harris's comments are the typical ones put forth by incompetent people.  Let's be honest: she is the epitome of an affirmative action pick if ever there was one.  Luckily for her, the fact that she uses the same lame narratives never seems to grow old for her base, or the entire Democrat party.

Specifically, when she claims that the Biden administration inherited the problem at the border from the Trump administration, she offers no proof, only the accusation.  That her comments lack substance is proof of her incompetence.  The actual numbers prove that the Biden administration created the border problem.  As Texas governor Greg Abbott made clear, the problem has increased by 1,000 percent since Biden took office.

Harris also deflected from a real possible solution by offering a red herring.  She reiterated what she tweeted in March: "[We] have to address the root causes of migration.  It won't be easy work — but it's necessary."

This is a way of admitting she is completely clueless.  We know the cause of the problem: the Biden administration opened the border.  Those coming illegally are not being sent back and are not being punished.  That seems like the definition of the problem.  Perhaps that level of thinking is above her pay grade.  Or maybe she still believes, as she clearly stated, that global warming is to blame for the border crisis.  If only we could solve that problem once and for all.  We need to wrap our heads around that for a while to learn how our vice president thinks.

No, I would say Governor Abbott said it quite succinctly when he said we didn't have this crisis when President Trump was in charge.

Harris got support from the equally clueless Veronica Escobar, Democrat congresswoman from Texas, who unilaterally christened El Paso as the new Ellis Island.  That would come as a great shock to all four of my grandparents, who came to this country legally from southern Italy and were properly processed through Ellis Island at the beginning of the 20th century.

Indeed, it was a serious process for both my grandfathers.  They had to establish themselves and show they could support themselves.  They could not rely on welfare, food stamps, housing allowance, or free cell phones.  Moreover, everyone at Ellis Island was coming legally.  If they could show that they could contribute to society and were physically healthy, they could go back to Italy, get their wives, and return.

By the mid-1920s, immigration from Italy and much of Europe was stopped.  Yes, Ms. Escobar, Vice President Harris, people in the media and their clueless audience, the Democrat party, and our current occupant of the White House, the United States of America was never an open borders country.

David Ennocenti is a retired accountant and graduate of the State University of N.Y. at Buffalo, School of Management with a degree in accounting and finance.  He passed the CPA examination in 1983.  His writing has appeared in the American Thinker, USA Today, The New York Times, and several other publications.  His screenplay, Sniper Queen, was an official selection of The Artemis Women in Action Films Festival.  He is a past winner of the Writer’s Digest Annual Competition.

Image: Kamala Harris at El Paso.  YouTube screen grab.

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