For Pride month, the US Navy marches under a different flag

When Winston Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty and proposed some much-needed reforms, the pushback he received claimed that the reforms ran afoul of naval tradition.  Churchill snapped back, "Naval tradition?  Naval tradition?  Monstrous.  Nothing but rum, sodomy, prayers, and the lash."  More than 100 years later, it appears that the United States Navy is embracing that sodomy tradition.  How else to explain that officers at a Naval Seabees unit allegedly forced everyone to attend a "Diversity Hike," while waving a "stars and rainbow-stripes" flag as they went?

Matt Walsh first broke the news, which he received from a naval wife whose active-duty husband was one of the people forced on the march:

In the flyer announcing the hike — a flyer complete with not one, but two gay flags — the reason given for the hike was "We will support our brothers and sister [sic] whom [sic] are a part of the Pride community."  For attire, hikers were told to wear "Pride attire, colorful clothing."

The only flag flying was this one, the stars and rainbow stripes:

Indeed, the Navy was so proud of the march and the flag that it put up a Facebook post boasting that, "[i]n honor of Pride Month, Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit 303 went on a Pride Hike at Sunset Cliff on June 25, 2021."  It even highlighted the flag in its Facebook photos:

You probably noticed, as many others did, that there's nothing in the flyer that Walsh posted to indicate that hike attendance was mandatory.  However, if we believe the woman who submitted the information to Walsh, we can assume that it was one of those things common to any hierarchical organization in which those in command so strongly suggested attendance that it was tantamount to an order.

Chris Menahan discovered that, in April, men in the same unit "had to hold up these humiliating signs telling one another not to commit rape."  Sure enough, here are the photos:

It turns out that San Diego's Construction Battalion Maintenance unit goes all out for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) month, which really seems quite insulting to the men in the unit (or the aggressive lesbians?):

I won't comment here on whether the military's switching from "don't ask, don't tell" to openly LGBT service was a good thing or not.  However, I see absolutely no reason why the Navy, or any branch of the American military, should be celebrating the LGBT cohort.

If people under the LGBT flag want to celebrate themselves, that's fine, but to make it official American military policy to revel in the fact that people go to bed with people of the same sex and with people of "every" "gender," or with people who can't figure out their own sex, is a joke.  The military is about creating a force capable of defending this country at a moment's notice.  It should never be about making people who constitute a minority of American sexual identity feel good about themselves.

As for me, I take no pride in Pride.  I'm opposed to belittling, injury, or discriminating against the LGBT spectrum, but that's it.  I don't believe there's a constitutional right to same-sex "marriage" because that clashes with religious liberty (although I believe that states can authorize whatever civil unions they want).  And I don't believe in what's currently going on under Joe Biden, which is the nation's bow-down to people suffering from gender dysphoria.

And most of all, I don't believe in making people serving in the Navy go on Pride hikes under a gay flag, and that's true whether it's an official mandate to go on the hike or an unofficial, nudge-nudge "you'd better go" mandate.  Our military should never march under any flag but the American one.

Image: The Navy marches under the gay flag.  Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit THREE ZERO THREE Mainbody Facebook photo.

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