Fleebag Texas legislators become figures of fun

Texas's Democrat legislators, who dramatically fled the state to prevent a quorum on a vote for a voter integrity law, had it all worked out beforehand that they'd be hailed as heroes for democracy.

They planned a flight together, got on together, and then were to fly as a group to Washington to plead their case and make their stand as champions of claimed "voting rights," as the media would fawn.

But somehow, things didn't quite go as planned. 

They've actually become people the public is laughing at.  They didn't quite get every detail for the heroic narrative right.

Start with the flight: they got on their flight together and posed for a group selfie but forgot some important details.  One was that they weren't wearing masks, despite dictating it for others.  Two was that the private flight seems to have been paid for by a Lebanese hedge fund manager, which, if true, makes it even more gamy.  Three, it was a private plane, and these people hector us on global warming.  Four, alert internet sleuths spotted a big box of Miller Lite beer taking up one of the seats and drew their own conclusions.

The flight became an "insane party plane," as Trish Regan noted.  Everyone wondered whether they'd been swigging the beer early, given their happy no-mask faces.

After that, they got off the plane and immediately got to work taking selfies on the tarmac.  Sound like modern-age George Washingtons at Valley Forge as they've positioned themselves?  Nope, more like cosseted spoiled brats or maybe overgrown college students.

It got worse. They began to...sing.  Bad singing, like maybe they'd had a few.  They sang an old anthem of the civil rights era in keeping with the hero, but they got the lyrics wrong, as AT deputy editor Andrea Widburg noted in this excellent piece.  Was it because they were drunk or because they were ignorant?  They left the audience to guess.

Not surprisingly, the memes and mockery flowed.  Here are a few and they were all over Twitter:

Naturally, the most clueless and ridiculous-in-their-own-right Democrats sang their praises according to the script:

But for everyone else, the laughathon went on.  It got so bad that even the fawning media backed away.  Here's the final insult to the clown stunt from otherwise friendly CNN:

They're pretty well telling them to give it up, stop, you're embarrassing us. 

So much for crafting a narrative of sacrifice and patriotic heroism.  It's hard to do that when everyone is laughing at that box of Miller Lite next to your seat.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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