Does Biden truly want more competition to help the little guy?

President Biden recently signed an executive order, claiming he wants to reduce the power of the powerful and help the little guy.  He claims that his actions will also increase competition.  It would be nice if the media analyzed Biden's proposed policies and actions to see if he and the Democrats really mean that, but since they won't, I will. 


Biden signs order to tackle corporate abuses across U.S. economy

President Joe Biden signed a sweeping executive order on Friday to promote more competition in the U.S. economy

For the past seventeen months, politicians, led by Democrats, have intentionally destroyed small businesses with punitive policies, blaming a virus.  During these seventeen months, the powerful, including Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other giants, have become much wealthier and more powerful.  The longer the shutdowns continued, the weaker small businesses became, and the more powerful the large companies became.

Then when states like Texas and Mississippi wanted to get rid of their mask mandate and completely open, they were chastised as wanting people to die.

As the economy opened, the Democrats made it harder and more expensive for everyone to hire people, with their generous tax-free $300 unemployment supplement.  The large companies, in most cases, already paid at least that high a wage, so it hurt them much less.  These forced increased wages, caused because of government interference, are not transitory.  They will cause stagflation and will destroy more small companies.  The powerful will survive and thrive and are more able to automate.

Biden and the Democrats further support a high national minimum wage, which will further destroy small businesses and communities and make the powerful richer.  That will reduce competition.

Biden and other Democrats also support prevailing wage laws, where the original intent was to keep minorities from taking white workers' jobs, which makes all government jobs cost more than they should and reduces competition.

Biden and other Democrats also support the PPRO Act, where they take freedom of choice away from workers and get rid of right-to-work states.  This also increases costs, reduces competition, and makes the powerful unions more powerful.  After all, the Democrats' main goal is power for themselves, and the more money that can be funneled to unions, the more money they get.

Labor's Litany of Dangerous Ideas: The PRO Act 2021 Update

In 2019, the U.S. Chamber released a report discussing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, a bill in Congress that amounted to nothing more than a litany of organized labor's policy preferences.

Presidents Biden and Obama took away freedom of choice for the poor by getting rid of school vouchers, and Biden wants to cut off funding for-profit charter schools as he caters to his powerful political supporters instead of the students.

This also reduces competition.

Biden seeks to destroy the oil and coal industries, which reduces competition for solar and wind; massively punishes the poor, middle class, and small companies; and makes OPEC countries and Russia wealthier and more powerful.  The increased stagflation costs are not transitory. 

Obama's D.C. Voucher Snub

The education blob gets a $3.6 billion raise. Poor kids get cut off.

 President Obama spares no taxpayer expense on education spending — with one exception: the hundreds of poor kids in Washington D.C. queuing for private-school scholarships.

The President's budget levels off funding for D.C. Opportunity Scholarships at $20 million for fiscal 2016, which is when the program's authorization expires. No future funds are provided. The Education Department gets a $3.6 billion, or 5.4%, spending increase. 

Biden promised to end federal funding of for-profit charter schools

Biden and Democrats always target for-profit colleges, but they never hold not-for-profit or public colleges to the same standards.  This also reduces competition and makes the powerful wealthier.  The Biden administration won't even go after the very wealthy Harvard and other Ivy League schools as they intentionally discriminate against people "of color" (Asians).

For-Profit Colleges Brace For The Biden Administration

President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to stop for-profit colleges from "profiteering off of students" and has promised to enact policies that hold these colleges accountable.

Biden and the Democrats strive for expanding Obamacare or some other government-run health care.  The Democrats continually lied that Obamacare would maintain freedom of choice and substantially reduce costs.  Instead, costs skyrocketed, and competition disappeared.  Trump and Republicans stabilized costs and gave back freedom of choice when they got rid of the individual mandate.

Biden and the Democrats' policies would destroy competition and especially smaller health insurance companies and move toward a government monopoly.

President Biden wants to bring back net neutrality, which he claims would help the little guy.  The companies it helps the most are the very wealthy and powerful Netflix, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter, which are the biggest users of internet bandwidth.

Why shouldn't these companies pay for the infrastructure they use?

President Biden: The Time to Restore Net Neutrality Is Now

Why did Netflix pay the Obamas over $50 million when they had no product and no experience?

Why did Michelle Obama get a $200,000 raise after Illinois senator Obama secured a $1-million grant for her employer?

Why did so many companies and countries pay Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea high speech fees?  Why did the price go down substantially after Hillary lost in 2016?

Why did so many countries and companies donate huge amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was in power or running for president?  Why did those donations mostly dry up after Hillary lost in 2016?

Why did Russia, Ukraine, China, and others line the pockets of Hunter while Daddy was V.P. and running for president?

Why would anyone pay up to $500,000 for paintings?  Why are the names of the buyers being withheld from the public?

The answer to all the above questions is that the payers of the graft are seeking access or favors.  In Russia's case, they got U.S. uranium.

Isn't it appalling that so many politicians and their families get so wealthy as they pretend they are there to serve the public?

Isn't it more appalling that most of the media look the other way on the kickbacks and intentionally hide the corruption of Democrats as they campaign for them?

Almost every policy of Biden and other Democrats I see makes D.C. and powerful companies richer and reduces the freedom, money, and power of the little guy whom they pretend to care about.

There are demonstrations in Cuba advocating for freedom and where they are waving the American flag.  So far, I have not seen Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Obama, Schumer, and others support this movement any more than they supported the freedom of people in Iran.

It is a shame that in the U.S. we are seeing protests from Democrats to reduce freedom and disparage the American flag and our country as systemically racist as our kids are indoctrinated.

Here is a headline we will not see in the media: "Biden signs order to tackle government abuses across U.S. economy."

Caricature by Donkey HoteyCC BY 2.0 license.

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