Do we deserve the government we get?

Here is a popular idea.  People like to move from hard blue states like California, Oregon, and Washington to states with fewer taxes and less government control of your daily life (like Nevada, Texas, and Florida).

Now think.  How did blue states become blue?  The voters wanted what the communist, socialist, Marxist, leftist Democrat leaders offer, which consists of getting something for nothing, turning control of your life over to the government, and ignoring the certain consequences.  So the voters voted for the policies these leaders advocate.  That's how they got into the government.  They got elected.  People vote for this stuff, and later on, they have second thoughts, like "Gosh, how come our taxes are so high?" or "Gosh, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago used to be a beautiful city, and now it's overrun by criminals, scumbags, dopeheads and every other kind of undesirable."

The voters got exactly what they voted for.  "But I didn't want that."  But you voted for it.  "Well, that's not what I meant."  But you voted for it.

Or maybe you didn't, but somebody sure did.  And in overwhelming numbers.

Now let's look at the future.  You voted.  You do not like the results of your vote.  So now you want to move to a state that (so far) has resisted the empty promise of socialism.  And you want more of everything that the hardworking and right-thinking people of that state have (so far) resisted by their vote.

And shazam.  In less time than it takes to say socialism, Marxism, communism, leftism, "Democrat," you are right back in the condition you sought to escape.  Because you voted for it.  Again.

Austin used to be a real Texas town full of Texans, not refugees from West Coast cities who defecated in their own doghouse and couldn't stand the smell.

So whose fault did you say it was?  I guess it just snuck up on you while you were filling your mind with the garbage on TV and Facebook instead of going to your kid's school to insist on sitting in on a class or two to see what propaganda they were teaching in the indoctrination center.

So is it Facebook's fault, or Instagram, or whatever site you have chosen to waste your time on?  No.  It's your fault.  You voted for the results you got, and now you don't like it.

Time to start investing your time in carefully selected associations and the study of history (not the revisionist or fake history you've been fed for years).  Actually study the Declaration and Constitution.  Think about what you just read, and see if it jibes with the stuff happening all around you.  

Many years ago, there was a great cartoon about a mild-mannered possum named Pogo who lived in a swamp and said a number of quotes that are still popular today.  The one I think applies best is "We have found the enemy and he is us."

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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