COVID-infected illegals released without notice into Texas communities

Is the Joe Biden administration serious about COVID? Doesn't look like it. 

Fox News, citing a local incident in La Joya, Texas, found that the Border Patrol is releasing COVID-infected illegals into Texas communities to spread the disease. That's a curious thing given that Biden drew headlines for supposedly keeping Title 42 in place, which would require the Border Patrol to instantly expel migrants based on COVID concerns. Based on this kind of news, the order is de facto rescinded whether Biden says so or not. 

In this Texas case, illegal migrants had been let in and then handed over to the NGO Catholic Charities in La Joya, Texas, which housed them unguarded in local hotels. After that, they walked around unencumbered and in one incident, wore no masks and coughed all over locals in a fast-food establishment. According to a La Joya Police Department tweet:

Here is the live press conference last night with more details.

From that, we learn from the police briefer that the migrants had papers saying they could no longer be detained, despite having and spreading COVID. They also had food in their hotel but preferred to go to restaurants. Locals, from the tweet above, said they were appalled at their "disregard for other people's health" and the restaurant wanted them out. Officials were never notified about the public health issue, and they were free to move about the country. Catholic Charities told the cops "there's not a lot we can do."

After that, public pressure must have been high, because Fox News, citing, reported that they claim to have hired a security guard:

It was pressure like this, according to Border Report:

That prompted the Hidalgo County judge to ask Department of Homeland Security officials to stop releasing migrants, and a local congressman reached out to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to ask him to put a pause on family releases.

Here's the Fox tweet:

Which would be a good one to follow up on, given that so much lying is going on.

Did the already-COVID-plagued community have any right to know that COVID cases from illegal border crossers were being imported in? Seems they didn't, it took a stink at a restaurant for anyone to get anything done. According to this report last April in the New York Times, it's happening all over the place. It seems there is a transparency issue, given the sneaky means that have been employed, as well as the tissue of lies. And it shows how little the federal government cares for the welfare of the locals, AS its priority is illegals and the vast open-borders-industrial-complex that advocates for them in Washington.

Based on the comments section, these seedings of COVID patients into the communities is happening all over, with the city of Laredo named as one. The McAllen, Texas, airport, is reportedly busy with COVID-infected migrants taking flights, and the bus stations are flooded.

That's about as naked as it gets, that the administration seeks to spread COVID through the community. That such people who have no right to be here in the first place curiously have the "right" to spread COVID is appalling. And it's as strong an argument as such things get for Biden getting serious about Title 42 and sending back all comers on COVID concerns. That Biden prefers to keep it ambivalent, even as Biden administration health officials demand that everyone else wear masks and get vaxxed, outlines the complete hypocrisy of it.

If Title 42 is supposedly still in place, why are these people still here? If the illegals in the restaurant could care less about the health of others, what is being done to keep them out permanently? And what is being done to police the NGOs, which are serving as disease vectors to spread the disease through the city? And why is all of this news being concealed from the public?

It shows the insincerity of the Biden administration. Given that the border surge is worse than ever, with 20,000 illegals crossing into the Rio Grande Valley just last week, it ought to be getting more attention.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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