Canada's churches burning as 'civil liberties' leader and other lefties cheer

The same sort of anti-White racist, left-wing revolutionaries who have burned swaths of American cities are terrorizing parts of Canada with terroristic arson attacks.  But lacking any history of slavery or historic oppression of Blacks, the Canadian thugs have seized upon alleged mistreatment of indigenous peoples, called "First Canadians" according to recent local custom north of the border.

The result has been a wave of church burnings recently, including ten churches in Alberta on Canada's national holiday, Canada Day, just a few days ago.  

YouTube screen grab.

Shockingly, a number of people in presumably responsible positions have been cheering on religious terrorism. Jack Montgomery of Breitbart reports:

The executive director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), Harsha Walia, is under fire for commenting on a story about the wave of church arsons sweeping Canada by saying "Burn it all down."

Walia, a Bahrain-born South Asian based in Vancouver and described as "a community organizer and campaigner in migrant justice, feminist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist, and anti-imperialist movements" in her profile at the left-wing Intercept, made the inflammatory intervention in response to a VICE report on two Roman Catholic churches being burned down in Alberta and Nova Scotia.

Others are cheering her on:

Steve Sailer describes the cause seized upon by the current terrorists attacking churches:

[T]he sensationalized reports that there were "unmarked graves" at the much-demonized Canadian schools were immediately accepted as prima facie proof of the diabolical essence of Canadian history.

The term "unmarked graves" is suggestive of massacre, but the reality is that the children died of natural causes, especially diseases that hadn't existed in the New World before 1492, so Indians hadn't evolved defenses against them.

Moreover, it has now been publicly admitted in at least two of the four cases that the graves weren't actually unmarked.  For example, at Cranbrook, the original wooden crosses simply burned up in brush fires or deteriorated over the decades.

Whether more Indian children died due to the schools than if they had been at home is probably unknowable.

Last night, Tucker Carlson covered the church burnings, as well as the toppling of a statue of Queen Victoria in Winnipeg, discussing the wave of violence with Ezra Levant of Rebel Media, mentioning the incredible fact that the U.S.-Canadian border is still closed, at Canada's insistence, of the purported danger of COVID.

Levant criticized Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau for waiting a week to condemn the arson.  In the following video report from the Canadian government–owned CBC, Trudeau's belated statement is presented, along with a video of some of the First Canadian parishioners who have lost their churches to the arson terror.

Anti-religious terrorism has been a feature of left-wing revolutionaries ever since the French Revolution launched the wave of utopian terror.  Tucker Carlson mentions the Spanish Civil War in his introduction, but many other revolutions, including Mexico's, have a strong component of anti-religious zealotry and violence.  In China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, Buddhist and Confucian religious structures were torched and libraries destroyed.

In all of these cases, the countries involved came to regret these extremes.  But it is clear from the enthusiasm expressed by seemingly respectable people in Canada — who have suffered no consequences — that Canada has a way to go before it sobers up.

Of course, the same is true south of the border.

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