California makes a clumsy effort to kick Larry Elder off the ballot

With the recall of California's Gavin Newsom looming, and with Bruce (AKA Caitlyn) Jenner shaping up to be the most popular "Republican" on the ballot, Larry Elder decided that a grown-up needed to step in the save the state.  A successful lawyer and TV and radio personality who was raised in Los Angeles and has been open for years about his conservative politics, Elder instantly shot to the top of the charts for Republicans.  No wonder, then, that the California secretary of state used an easily remediable error in his campaign filings to kick Elder off the ballot.

Elder wasn't originally thinking of running for California governor.  It's an onerous task because the once-golden state is now one of the most poorly managed states in America, right up there with Illinois.  California's a one-party state that's a swamp of hard-left ideology and general corruption.  On top of that, Gavin Newsom is incompetent.  It was his tyrannical mismanagement during 2020 that roused Californians to petition successfully for his recall.

The problem in California is that, except for Devin Nunes, there really is no Republican Party.  It's been beaten into submission, despair, and disrepair.  So even though there was a chance to throw Newsom out, John Cox was the only person with name recognition to step up.  I know and like Cox, whom I've met a couple of times at campaign events, but he's just not an inspiring candidate.  He lost before, and, I'm sorry to say, he was almost certainly going to lose again.

Enter Jenner, who claims to be a Republican.  He does want lower taxes, which distinguishes him from Democrats.  It also takes courage in California to call yourself a Republican.  But the reality is that Jenner's real cause is transgenderism.  On that subject, I can't do better than to direct you to Matt Walsh, who dissects Jenner's generic Republican stump speech and contrasts it with Jenner's passion for his "gender identity":

If some fluke led to exhibitionistic Jenner to become California's governor, the Republican Party will have put its imprimatur on transgenderism.  I think that's a bad thing.  Transgenderism is either a mental illness or a hormonal imbalance.  Those afflicted are to be pitied but not made the arbiters of reality.  There is no scientific reality behind "transgenderism," and the surgical and hormonal "treatments" are as abusive as any medieval medical practice.  It destroys a society to force people to believe 2+2=5.  Such a society is either delusional or the victim of terrible tyranny.

Enter Larry Elder.  I wrote about him here.  He's fiercely intelligent and personable and he has for years articulated a conservative philosophy that sees every American, Blacks included, as fully realized human beings who are perfectly capable of attaining success through their own efforts.  His election would shake up not just California, but America.

I'm not the only one who thinks that.  Practically within minutes of Elder's announcing his intention to run, he shot up to the top of an OAN poll:

So of course, on Sunday, the California secretary of state called Elder's campaign and told them he was disqualified from running.  Why?  Because he hadn't properly prepared the 150 pages of tax documents he submitted.

The background is that, in 2019, California passed a law demanding that political candidates turn over their taxes to run for office in California.  That was an effort to disqualify Trump.  The California Supreme Court rejected that effort to derail Trump but said that while it was unconstitutional for federal candidates, it could still apply to state candidates.

Elder tweeted out what happened.

On Tuesday morning, Elder filed suit.

If you think Elder's candidacy matters, you might want to throw a few dollars his way because lawsuits are expensive.  Newsom, of course, gets the benefit of the state paying to keep a dangerous rival off the ballot.

Image: Larry Elder.  Screen grab from his campaign website.