BLM shills Cuba's lily-white dictatorship, flipping off all the black people protesting across Cuba

Black Lives Matter, an organization founded and led by "trained Marxists," has released a statement on this week's slave uprising in Cuba, brimming with sycophancy for the brutal Cuban dictatorship:

The statement came out with some funny timing, too, according to Fox News:

The BLM tweet was sent out at about the time Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel admitted in a televised address that his government's failures played a role in the protests over food shortages and other issues. He had earlier called on "revolutionaries" to counter the anti-government protesters.

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc.'s tweet echoed Díaz-Canel's early statements that blamed the U.S. embargo for the country's economic devastation. Cuba is going through its worst economic crisis in decades and is also facing a resurgence of coronavirus cases. 

It's grotesque coming from them, given that black people are the ones leading the protests against their lily-white masters.  Black people in fact are the most impoverished and discriminated against in all communist Cuba.  They're the ones demonstrating against the dictatorship in massive numbers.  Notice the pictures:

But that hasn't moved Black Lives Matter, a group founded by "trained Marxists" who are known to have consorted with Hugo Chávez and quite possibly his Cuban masters.  They're out defending the regime, putting out its actual mendacious party line, blaming America for the uprising, while thousands of black Cubans in the streets are waving the American flag.

It's downright sickening, given that black dissidents in Cuba have endured the longest prison sentences and the most torture of any of the resisters against communism worldwide.  In Los Angeles a few years ago, I had the great honor of meeting Jorge Luis García Pérez, known as Antúnez, one of the Castro oligarchy's top targets, known as Cuba's Nelson Mandela.  He's a great man, and he isn't the only black person resisting communism there.  Black dissidents in fact are "over-represented" in Castro's dungeons and torture chambers.

As for the Cuban leadership, can you say "lily-white"?

Here's Wikipedia's chart of the most recently elected 8th Politburo from April.  Click on the page, and then each name from the site (a few need to be googled), and behold the whiteness:

Source: Wikipedia.

The second and third names are black people to be sure, but take a gander at their ages.  They're old dinosaurs who've always been placeholders.  Two of the new additions to the party elite, numbers 7 and 14, may be of mixed race.  Number 7 is very much a maybe, and 14 appears to be of mostly white and Indian heritage.  The rest are white-city, the people Black Lives Matter is now championing as real black people are protesting in the streets against communist dictatorship and waving the American flag.

Yes, they've expanded a few black names lately onto their Central Committee, which is a lower-ranking body, primarily useful to its members for their nomenklatura privileges.  But the Central Committee actually does nothing; they're window dressing, according to this dissident account by a Cuban independent journalist, writing on  They exist to say "yes" to whatever the Politburo puts out. 

It gets worse.

According to Freedom House:

While racial discrimination has long been outlawed, Cubans of African descent have reported widespread discrimination and profiling by police. Many lack access to the dollar economy. A 2017–18 survey found that more than three-quarters of those receiving crucial remittances from abroad were White, leaving Afro-Cubans at an even greater disadvantage.

Any questions as to why they're protesting in the streets?

What's more, according to Foreign Policy, writing in September 2020, the numbers of Cuban black people are undercounted:

According to the most recent census count from 2012, Cuba is 64 percent white, 27 percent mulato (of mixed African and European ancestry), and 9 percent Black. Nonetheless, Cuba scholars have long been skeptical of the government’s census counts, believing the state undercounts nonwhite Cubans.

And that would certainly be supported anecdotally by the protest pictures.

Plus there's this:

Leadership within the Cuban government has historically been mostly white, though former President Raúl Castro took steps to address this issue when he made way for the current president, Díaz-Canel, in 2018. However, when it comes to racialized police incidents in Cuba — including the very common racial profiling of Black Cubans on the streets of Havana — the government tends to deny the existence of differential treatment.

Anger among anti-racism activists has recently flared, after the Cuban police killed a 27-year old Black man, Hansel Hernández, in Guanabacoa, just outside Havana, on June 24. Two officers claimed they saw him stealing auto parts at a bus stop and pursued him when he began to run. One of them, a Black officer, ultimately shot Hernández in the back after he allegedly began throwing rocks at them. The government was forced to acknowledge the police killing of Hernández a few days after his aunt publicized the details of his death on Facebook.

Nonetheless, as activists were organizing a protest in Havana following Hernández's killing, several high-profile participants were detained by the police in order to thwart the event, including various outspoken artists, such as Tania Bruguera, as well as independent journalists; some also had their internet service cut off. This is a common tactic used by Cuban state officials to silence dissent on a wide range of issues. The government also issued the equivalent of a #BlueLivesMatter PR campaign with the Twitter hashtag #HeroesDeAzul (Heroes in Blue), a tone-deaf and hypocritical message, given the government's simultaneous critique of U.S. police racism

The hypocrisy here is stratospheric.  Here these racial grievance-mongering shakedown activists, brimming with scandal, have the world's most golden opportunity to seize on the true grievances of black people in Cuba and prove their legitimacy as people who actually care about what happens to black people.  Instead, they go for supporting Cuba's white dictatorship, which is actually oppressing black people, and which includes sleazy, thieving white billionaires like him.

It's an outrage, and every last freedom-loving American needs to call them out.  This act must be used to finish off their claims to any credibility about caring for black people and expose them forever as what they are: stone-cold heartless Marxist shills.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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