Biden's stupidest mistake

You can't say Joe Biden hasn't been busy in the months since he took office.  Like most great artists, Biden is prolific.  The medium he works in is stupid mistakes, and he cranks out new ones every day.  It is hard to say exactly which one is the stupidest of all — like determining which Rembrandt painting or Beethoven symphony is the best.

The current open-the-borders-but-blame-it-all-somehow-on-Trump policy may be the most consequential.  I would estimate that this will lead to at least 5 million Central American paupers in the USA before Slow Joe finishes his term.

But maybe the ugliest and most humiliating stupidity is happening right now with the Afghanistan pullout, the one and only Trump idea Biden wants to follow through with — although I think Pres. Trump was having second thoughts.

The U.S. achieved mastery over the Taliban years ago.  Since 2016, only a handful of our soldiers have been lost there, none last year.  The U.S. military on a global basis loses about 1,000 servicemen every year to routine accidents and training mistakes.

At this point, having spent so much blood and treasure to pacify the country, why are we in such a hurry to pull out the 3,000 or so soldiers training and advising the government forces?  These are forces that seem willing to keep doing their own fighting and dying if we give them just a small bit of assistance.

If we completely pull out and demoralize the Afghans, I think they fold up and quit.  The aftermath will be a bloody disgrace, something like the Fall of Saigon in 1975 and the original Afghan fiasco in the British Retreat from Kabul in 1842. 

A dozen years ago, the conspiracy kook Gore Vidal (he believed that the Waco massacre was somehow an Opus Dei plot) argued we were fighting Perpetual Wars, all for the sake of shadowy military contractors whose greed knew no bounds.  Some folks on the right jumped on this bandwagon.

But the reality is quite simple.  All wars are different.  Some take a very long time, some are very bloody, and just a few, like the Thirty Years' War, are both.  The conflict in Colombia has been going on for 60 years or longer, depending on how you keep score, but at a low level of violence.  Most civil wars are like that, where it may take more than one generation for a country to reconcile itself.

Ironically, we just won a great advantage in Iraq and Syria (Team Biden is trying to throw that away) through crushing the Islamic State and killing off the most dangerous Iranian leader, Soleimani.  This was followed by the Abraham Accords, and now we have a powerful, pro-Western regional alliance that is keeping Iraq stable and Syria impotent.

Unfortunately, the Israelis and the Sunni Arabs don't have influence that extends into Central Asia, and India shows no interest in getting involved.

Still, the pathetic Taliban is no match for even the most modest Western force.  If we can't have actual U.S. forces in the country, Erik Prince's plan to use private contractors to supplement the Afghan forces would be a cheap and effective way to keep the Taliban under control.

Another way is to use the Iranian diaspora.  There are hundreds of thousands of pro-Western Iranians who would be happy to set up shop in western Afghanistan, if we invited them, and kill Muslim extremists on both sides of the borders.  Most of western and northern Afghanistan is made up of ethnic Tajiks.  Tajiks and Persians are essentially the same ethnicity, speaking the same language.  Iranian freedom fighters would fit right in, just as Reagan set up the contras on the Honduran-Nicaraguan border.  Why not get people who want to help us into the fight? 

But I digress.  Joe Biden is no Trump, much less a Reagan.  He is determined to abandon Afghanistan no matter how unnecessary and foolish an idea.  Sometime later this year, we will see the Taliban take power and start shooting innocent people at a rate greater than 4th of July on the southside of Chicago.  Every terrorist group in the world will decamp there, and the place will once again be a veritable hell-on-earth.  For the media, it will all be Trump's fault, and the mass graves in Kabul won't even be cold before Slow Joe moves on to his next stupid mistake.

Frank Friday is an attorney in Louisville, Ky.

Image: Ancho.

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