Because America is so great, Black former Olympian Scottie Pippen is renting his mansion for the Olympics

Some people disagreed, even here at American Thinker, that talented hammer thrower Gwen Berry, who is Black, had the right to represent the USA at the upcoming Olympics because she turned away from our country's flag in protest during opening ceremonies.  As I stated then, 

"I can sympathize somewhat with Berry's reasoning as I understand it.  While America is a wonderful country, it has had some deep flaws, slavery and its aftereffects among the most visible and long-lasting.


And what better way to represent America in all its diversity, pluralism, and multiculturalism than by criticizing it without fear?"

Basketball great Scottie Pippen, who is also Black, was a member of the USA's 1992 basketball's Olympic Dream Team, the first Olympics in which professional basketball players were allowed to compete. His opinion differs from Berry's about representing the USA in the Olympics.

"Being able to represent the United States as an Olympian twice was an incredible honor as an athlete," Pippen said, announcing the promotion. "Playing alongside the best of the best with Team USA will always be a career highlight for me, and I'm excited to host basketball fans at my home to witness the next generation of athletes performing at the top of their sport."

And, as indicated, he supports Olympics Team USA so avidly that, through AirBnB, he is renting his former six-bedroom mansion in the mainly white (with a substantial minority of Jewish residents) Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois, for a mere $92 per night during the basketball portion of the Olympics. The price is a reference to Pippen's first Olympics appearance.

Although cynics might suggest this is a public relations ploy to sell his home which has been on the market for a number of years and to promote his present endeavors plus an attempt to...uh whitewash his accusation that his former Chicago Bulls coach, Phil Jackson, was racist, Pippen explains

When you enter my home, you’ll step into sport history - finding Olympic Games memorabilia from my time as a U.S. Olympian, plus items from Team USA’s 2020 Medal Stand Collection that you can take home with you!

Yes, Pippen is still proud that he represented the USA at the Olympics; nearly 30 years later it is still a highlight of his outstanding career.  No group is monolithic; responsible differences strengthen any group.

As for the Olympics--USA! USA! USA!  Merit! Free market! Chicago Bulls! 

Photo credit: Noraft CC BY 3.0 license

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