As they start sentencing January 6 detainees, the Democrats have a problem

Since January 6, the Democrats have played up the kerfuffle in the Capitol on January as the worst thing ever in American history, while ignoring the innumerable times leftists have aggressively invaded the Capitol.  This is different, and the wrongdoers must be punished.  The problem with this narrative, though, was revealed on Monday when the first person charged with a felony for January 6 got sentenced.  Was the sentence life imprisonment?  Beheading?  No.  It was eight months in prison.  Talk about a narrative fail.

Within minutes of January 6, the Democrats, who had turned a blind eye to the incredible violence of 2020, much of it played out on federal property, had their narrative in place: when elderly, unarmed people clamored to enter the Capitol — and the Capitol police opened the doors to let them in — that was an "insurrection."

D.C., therefore, had to be turned into an armed camp.  This was a convenient way to hide the fact that, had D.C. been open for business as usual on Inauguration Day, no one would have turned up to see the doddering mound of corruption that is Joe Biden falsely swear an oath he immediately ignored.

Since January 6, Democrats have escalated their rhetoric.  Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat, likened January 6 to the Exodus and Pearl Harbor:

"We just celebrated Passover. On Passover, Jewish people are instructed over two centuries to remember 2,000 years, over 2,000 years, to remember that we were in bondage, and we escaped," Cohen said. "Remember that day, and to teach people about it. January 6th is a day like that. It's a day that should be remembered in America because our democracy was at stake. It was under attack as much as Pearl Harbor was an attack on our country, for people to suggest that it wasn't that big of a deal."

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Vichy Republican, compared it Kristallnacht.

Rep. Eric Swalwell, a man too stupid to realize that the only reason a pretty Chinese woman would sleep with him was that she was a spy; Nancy Pelosi, and myriad former intelligence officials, all described January 6 as a 9/11-style attack.  The fact that 9/11 saw Islamic terrorists murder 2,996 people while January 6 saw a Capitol police officer murder one unarmed former member of the Air Force didn't resonate with them.

Joe Biden reads without flinching the nonsense fed him.  (Biden is clearly sentient enough to understand every attack he makes on America and Americans.  This is just another in his many betrayals of his country for the last 47 years.  He used to do it for money.  Now he does it for prestige.)

On April 29, when Biden finally stood before Congress, he claimed that January 6 was "the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War."  Again, on January 6, a bunch of unarmed, middle-aged, and elderly people swarmed Congress, the Capitol Police let them in, the people wandered around, the police murdered an unarmed woman, and that was it.  Meanwhile, the Civil War lasted four years, saw more than 600,000 deaths, cost $5.2 billion in 1860's dollars, and led to Lincoln's assassination.

Just last week, Biden went even farther as part of his effort to stop states from putting in place laws that will stop the kind of election fraud that put Biden in the White House.  Now January 6 wasn't the worst attack since the Civil War; it was worse than the Civil War:

The assault on free and fair elections is just such a threat, literally.  I've said it before: We're are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.  That's not hyperbole.  Since the Civil War.  The Confederates back then never breached the Capitol as insurrectionists did on January the 6th.

Did you catch that?  What Biden said is not hyperbole.  Unarmed people wandering through the Capitol is worse than the Civil War.  Biden is either the most dishonest man ever to occupy the White House or the most stupid.  Or perhaps both.

Democrat voters who take these claims at face value feel that the punishment should fit the crime.  I've seen people on my Facebook feed talk about life imprisonment as an appropriate punishment or, at least, 25 years.  No one has talked about the death sentence yet, but I know that people want it.

So what happened to Paul Allard Hodgkins, 38, the first of the many that the FBI have hunted down with the vengeful fury of Inspector Javert hunting Jean Valjean?  The government did charge him with a felony, which is more serious than trespassing.  Hodgkins was sentenced to eight months in jail (which is eight more than he should have gotten under the standards set by the government's treatment of violent Antifa and BLM looters and rioters).

In other words, having weaponized January 6, the Democrats were able to fire only a squib.  People will notice.  The Democrats lied...again.

UPDATE: Tommy Chong is already complaining about the cognitive dissonance between propaganda and reality.

Image: Unlike Antifa or BLM, the January 6 protesters, after the police welcomed them into the Capitol, politely stayed within the rope lines.  YouTube screen grab.

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