Artist who sprayed 'D-A-D-D-Y' on wall at Hunter Biden's gallery speaks with American Thinker

Artist and filmmaker Rod Webber, who sprayed 'D-A-D-D-Y' on the wall of the gallery that will feature presidential son Hunter Biden's $500,000 artistic 'masterpieces,' has written to American Thinker with some clarifications about his mission, his orientation, and what he's about, and added a few corrections to my commentary derived from the Village Sun's original report, that I wrote yesterday.

He's a smart and unconventional guy so it's best to let him do the talking. 

Therefore, I reprint his comments verbatim.

I don't think he'd mind if I published our correspondence that followed, as he's quite down to earth, so I add that, too.

Here's the exchange:


I saw Monica Showalter’s story about me yesterday— and while I think she got a lot right, it relies heavily on inaccuracies in the Village Sun. So, for the record: 

Jack, (Rustam) the guy who tackled me says on his LinkedIn that he’s the gallery manager… not security.

I never affiliate myself with one “side” or another, or brand myself with a political affiliation— so to say that I say I’m a far leftist is inaccurate. If anything, I’m surprised she didn’t pick up on the fact that I directed a film about libertarian Vermin Supreme, (mentioned in The Sun.)

To say I *always* get the charges dropped is just not true— so I did not say that. However, I did personally litigate a case against Trump and the Manchester Police, winning a $35k settlement. You’re obviously going with the narrative that I’m an incompetent simpleton. That is your right.

Regarding your claim about me being starving artist/ filmmaker: see my previous response. I also have a distribution deal with Buffalo 8, and being executive produced by Matthew Helderman. So, that claim doesn’t hold water.

Beyond that— I’m glad she was able to bring further attention to the Bidens’ misdeeds. Thanks for taking the time.



My reply to him, made earlier this morning:
I admire you, man. I'll put your clarifications up, they are important.

I apologize for calling you a 'nut.'

best regards, Monica
His reply to me:

I am a bit of a nut… So I don’t mind that. It comes with the territory. Thanks for covering it. :-)

Image: Rod Webber / YouTube video screen shot