Arizona state Senate hearing on audit underway reveals substantial evidence of electoral fraud in 2020 presidential vote

Former President Trump put out a statement yesterday in response to the Arizona State Senate Hearing on the audit underway, declaring, "There was no victory for Biden."

Mimi Nguyen Ly of the Epoch Times sums up the evidence so far of fraud:

Trump in his statement highlighted some points raised in the hearing that he found significant, including how Cyber Ninjas' Logan had told senators at the hearing that there was 74,243 mail-in ballots "where there is no clear record of them being sent." The data received was via a FOIA request from the county.

Logan said at the hearing, "Just to be clear … there should be more [mail-in ballots] sent out than there are that are received. … we have 74,000 [mail-in ballots] that came back from individuals where we don't have a clear indication that they were ever sent out to them."

Trump also pointed out that, according to Logan, auditors found 18,000 people who had voted but whose names were removed from the voter rolls "soon after the election."

Logan also revealed other discrepancies at the hearing, such as how 11,326 people did not appear to have been registered to vote as of Nov. 7, 2020—four days after election day—but their names appeared on the voter rolls on Dec. 4, 2020. There were also 3,981 people who voted after registering after Oct. 15, 2020—the Arizona voter registration deadline for the general election.

The former president said in his statement, "They [auditors] also revealed that the voting system was breached or hacked (by who?). Very big printer and ballot problems with different paper used, etc., and MUCH MORE."

Twitter video screen grab.

Biden's margin of victory in Arizona was 10,457 votes, or 0.31% of the vote, so these questionable votes could easily have swung the result.

Andrew White of The National File reports:

Following the explosive hearing on the Arizona 2020 election audit, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has now called for "the Biden electors to be recalled to Arizona," adding that a "new election must be conducted" due to the insecurity of the November election.

I fear that George Walsh, writing elsewhere on these pages today, is correct that actually rectifying this and other possible frauds by removing Biden from office should conclusive evidence be uncovered will be impossible on a practical level.  But that does not mean that there should or will be no consequences.  Demonstrating that the election was stolen will help stall Democrats' efforts to repeat their steal in 2022 and 2024 and will provoke voter reactions, even with the entirely predictable media cover-up efforts.

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