Are whites hopelessly racist?

How many whites have been conditioned to fear blacks because of the many videos they see on news programs showing blacks in violent situations?  People become conditioned to believe the things they are constantly subjected to.  When millions of whites turn on their propaganda machines each day and see a bombardment of news clips in which blacks are bullying whites on the street, often bludgeoning them into unconsciousness, it's only natural for them to develop a sense of dread when someone with dark skin approaches.  Jesse Jackson famously said, "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps, then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved."

That statement by a prominent black man tells us that the stereotype of violent blacks has become universally accepted.  But is it true?  I suppose every stereotype has been formed because there is some truth to it.  Can blacks be violent?  Sure!  I suppose any race or nationality reared in an environment of drugs, crime, and hopelessness is more inclined to view violence as a survival mechanism.  I've known many whites with similar backgrounds who are just as brutal and murderous as blacks.  Why, then, are they not depicted as such?

Could it be that the left-wing narrative of violent blacks keeps the races divided, making it easier to conquer the country from within?  Unless you've lived in a protective bubble all your life, you know that people are the same, no matter what shade of skin covers their bodies.  If you've ever seen black and white kids frolicking together in a park or a schoolyard, you know they can't sense anything but the fun they're having with their playmates.  Kids don't concentrate on skin color any more than they dwell on hair color.

Perhaps that's because political conditioning hasn't started yet.  Imagine what may be happening in their respective homes when they gather around the dinner table.  "Look at those black thugs fighting with cops and causing trouble," says a white father as they watch a news program.  Little Johnny and Jane have heard those comments before, and they heard it from someone they look up to and respect.  Aren't they likely to develop a stereotype about blacks in general?

How about the same scenario, except it's a black family?  "Those white cops are being too rough in their treatment of blacks!  They're all racist pigs!" says the dad in front of his adoring children.  Will they be developing a stereotype about white cops and white people in general?  If these children are exposed to this behavior often enough, it will become embedded in their subconscious, causing them to feel stress and fear when in the presence of their racial counterparts.  Such stress often leads to confrontations that end up in disaster.

The point I'm making is that skin pigment has no more to do with a person's proclivities toward crime than does his DNA.  Instead, people become what they have been repeatedly exposed to in their formative years.

I grew up in NYC, the melting pot of race, religion, and nationality.  My family could have been the stereotypical example of the scuffling, bar-fighting Irish who dominated the landscape in the early years of the 20th century.  Be honest; don't you generally characterize the Irish as being prone to alcohol consumption and slugfests?  Well, some of them are.  Yet the majority of Irish whom I know and have known are hardly what I'd call drunks and saloon brawlers (with the possible exception of some of my aunts and uncles, may they rest in peace).  Yet the stereotype persists.

Are all Jews greedy?  Some are, but so are some Italians, blacks, Asians, Greeks, and Lithuanians.  Did Jews get that reputation because they're known as being more industrious and successful in business?  If so, it's entirely possible that the stereotype came about because of the envy of their competitors.  The same opportunities are available to everyone.  The difference is that some people are not willing to work as hard as others.  Success and greed are mutually exclusive.  One can be super-successful and extremely generous or unsuccessful and greedy.

We are blessed to live in a country where all people can triumph over poverty and reach the pinnacle of success if they avail themselves of the fundamental freedoms in our Constitution.  That's why millions of people from around the world are literally dying to get here.  Nevertheless, if we continue to label our fellow men according to the political and social insinuations of the nihilists in our midst, we will not only remain in conflict but become that "house divided against itself" referenced by Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln was talking about a government's inability to endure if it is permanently half slave and half free.

Therefore, what better way to destroy our nation than to convince a segment of the population that they are still oppressed?  Using the absurd distortions and duplicitous assertions in Critical Race Theory, the left seeks to convince blacks that all whites are intrinsically and hopelessly racist.  That's not only the most dangerous and racist stereotype of all time, but its premise is the essence of bigotry. 

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