AOC's alma mater reveals the hypocrisy behind anti-racism

Boston University (B.U.), a private university with a $2.43-billion endowment, 4,169 faculty members, and 6,348 administrative employees, kicked off a program this July entitled "21 Days of Unlearning Racism and Learning Antiracism."  The problem is that no one at B.U. really means it.  The program is a perfect example of the empty virtue-signaling that surrounds the progressive approach to race, whether the alleged commitment to "Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity" (DIE) or to Critical Race Theory (CRT), complete with its attacks on "whiteness," "white privilege," and "systemic racism."

Campus Reform reported on B.U.'s plan, one that's sure to gladden the heart of its famous alumna, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  B.U. created a program, courtesy of the "Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs" department, that starts with an all-day event and then requires participants to spend the next 21 days detoxifying their racism (emphasis mine):

To better prepare members of our community for a more diverse, equitable academic environment, Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs is inviting you to join us for "21 Days of Unlearning Racism and Learning Antiracism," which will begin on Tuesday, July 6. This program provides an opportunity to engage directly in antiracist texts and multimedia each day for 21 days. PDPA has updated last year's curriculum to look beyond anti-black racism and include resources related to racism in other communities of color. This year's 21 Days will include a special focus on issues of racism in higher education, inspired by the themes of Season 4 of our podcast, Vitamin PhD. We will also hold virtual community spaces for conversation throughout the program.

The photo below is a screen grab showing the staff in the Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs Department:

Dena Rezaei, incidentally, is probably Iranian, which makes it questionable whether she's a "minority."  Iranians are considered White for purposes of the United States Census and are genetically "Caucasian."  These six employees do not seem to take seriously the fact that they are wrongfully occupying positions they clearly acquired through their White privilege.

If you dig a little deeper into B.U., you'll discover a whole lot of Whiteness going on there.  The university has a Board of Trustees consisting of forty members.  The five who are officers are all extremely White.  Of the remaining 35 members, 24 are also extremely White.  There are four Blacks and one Asian.  The remaining six members are East Asian Indian and (I believe) Persian and/or Arab.  I detect racism there.

Even B.U.'s "Antiracism Center," which purports to teach anti-racism, and tracks race as meticulously as any KKK Kleagle or beagle or whatever (it even has an "Office of Narrative"), is disgustingly impure.  Of the 27 (yes, 27!) people sucking up tuition and government money in this make-work department, there are six White people holding jobs that, according to their own philosophy, should go to BIPOCs.  (For the uninitiated, a BIPOC is not an android or insect.  BIPOC stands for "Black, Indigenous, [and] People of Color.")

I have hardened my position on DIE and CRT: if a White person is holding forth about DIE and CRT while occupying a prestigious or cushy upper-middle-class job, that person, to be credible, must give his job to a minority, especially a Black person.  The same goes for someone living in a safe, all-White neighborhood.  Move out, my preachy friend.  Otherwise, I'm plugging my ears and singing "la, la, la."  Until these woke Whites stop preaching and start practicing, what they say is meaningless virtue-signaling.

My proposal for B.U. is that, if it wishes to spread the gospels of DIE and CRT, it must immediately fire every White person on its Board of Trustees and among its 6,348 administrators.  According to B.U.'s philosophy, they are all racists who got their jobs by exploiting their White privilege to optimize their places in the systemic racism hierarchy.  Only when their positions are filled entirely by BIPOCs will they be worthy missionaries for the cause.

And while B.U. is at it, I strongly recommend that it use all of its $2.43-billion endowment to help renew the Black businesses that Black Lives Matter wantonly destroyed in Minneapolis at the height of the riots and looting — destructive events, I might add, that were meant to "honor" the life of a man who had advanced heart disease, stuck drugs up his butt, ingested still more drugs, passed fake bills, and fought with the police.

When it comes to racial justice and anti-racism, my message to the woke Whites is you go first.  Until then, don't go into our schools, our military, and our workplaces telling Black people, especially children, that they're victims and telling White people, again, especially children, that they're inherently evil people profiting from a rigged system.  When you're part of the rigging, you need to put up or shut up.

Image: White students in 2016 protesting for Black Lives Matter at Boston University — but, despite their White privilege, apparently none of them gave up his place at B.U. so that a Black person...pardon, Black victim could get that benefit.  YouTube screen grab.

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