Antifa violence supports a mentally ill man who exposed himself to little girls

The problem with staking out a political position premised on people’s mental illness is that real people inevitably get hurt. That’s what happened on Saturday in Los Angeles when there was a clash between people supporting women’s and girls’ right to be in a locker room free from the presence of mentally ill men, on the one hand, and Antifa and other leftist activists claiming that the mentally ill have a transcendent right to do whatever the heck they want so that they can feel good about themselves, on the other hand.

The important predicate to this is that there is not a scintilla of scientific evidence that there is such a thing as “transgenderism” – that is, no science proves that people with XX or XY chromosomes, simply because they feel like a stereotyped version of the opposite sex, magically become the opposite sex. A “transgender woman” is simply a man who, because of mental illness, societal pressure, or opportunism (athletic opportunities, voyeurism, even rape), announces that he is, in fact, a woman.

I’m sorry for those who are mentally ill. They deserve compassion and, up to a point, the right to be left alone to live out their deluded fantasies. (And as I keep suggesting, maybe they should receive hormones aligned with their biological sex, instead of slice and dice surgery and potentially deadly opposite-sex hormones.) However, the demand that we remake society to accommodate their delusions is and must be entirely unacceptable.

What happened over the past few days in Los Angeles shows how dangerous it is to force societies to believe lies. Ironically, I’m betting most of the people doing this forcing are atheists who sneer at religious Christians and Jews for believing a delusion – but at least it’s a “delusion” that drives personally and societally healthy behavior.

This latest round between reality and the leftist push to destroy reality began when a woman named Cubana Angel posted an Instagram video in which she’s seen complaining to the staff at Wi Spa, in Los Angeles’s Koreatown, that a naked, biologically complete man was hanging out in the women’s and girl’s spa area:

The spa employee may be saying (rightly) that the spa can’t do anything to stop the man because, if the exhibitionist says he’s a woman, that’s good enough for California. (And by the way, for the federal government, which is going to issue “choose your own sex” passports.) But as a matter of fact, the angry customer is absolutely right – if you’ve got a penis, you’re a guy.

On Saturday, a protest in front of the spa turned violent when people supporting biological women’s and girls’ rights to be spared the sight and threat of naked, mentally ill men in their locker rooms and spas were attacked by Antifa crowds and, apparently “transgender” people. As always, Andy Ngo has good footage of Antifa's tactics:

If you want to appreciate the insanity behind this transgender movement, consider the opening paragraphs in Fox News and Daily Mail reports about the violence. First, Fox News:

Tense protests erupted Saturday outside a California spa where a transgender woman allegedly exposed herself to children, teens and adults in the women’s area.

That’s inaccurate. Let me fix it:

Tense protests erupted Saturday outside a California spa where a mentally ill or exhibitionistic, biologically intact man allegedly exposed himself to children, teens, and adults in the women’s area.

Daily Mail was even worse because of the pronoun madness (although, as always, its photos are great):

Violent clashes broke out between rival protesters outside a Los Angeles spa after viral video showed a customer complaining about a transgender woman who allegedly exposed their penis in front of minors in a steam room.

Again, let me put that in logical English:

Violent clashes broke out between rival protesters outside a Los Angeles spa after a viral video showed a customer complaining about a mentally ill or voyeuristic man who allegedly exposed his (or its) penis in front of minors in a steam room.

That plural pronoun especially gets my goat because people who lie about their gender or announce that they’re multiple genders do not become plural people. Even Queen Victoria, while referring to herself as “we,” because she spoke on behalf of her nation, accepted that her subjects would refer to her as she or her. If these people insist on denying their biological sex, they become “it,” just like a neutered animal or a sexless chair.

It’s time to take a stand against this nonsense. Compassion is one thing. Loudly insisting that nonsense is reality, and imposing that nonsense on women and girls, is a step on the road to perdition that we may never be able to walk back.

IMAGE: Antifa attacks at the Wi Spa protests. Twitter screen grab.

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