Another smoking gun about Joe Biden's lies and machinations for Hunter

While the mainstream media in America are lavishing love on that frump Hausfrau, Jill Biden, and reveling in the fact that, after spending millions of dollars, New York's prosecutors were able to find some alleged, marginal tax malfeasance by Trump's corporation (not Trump), Britain's Daily Mail is doggedly sifting through the treasure trove that is Hunter Biden's hard drive.  The latest revelation shows that Biden, contrary to his denials during the campaign, used his position as vice president to actively further Hunter's "business" deals — in this case, a "flippin gigantic" one in Mexico.

We all remember how, during the second presidential debate, Joe Biden emphatically denied having anything to do with business deals involving his son Hunter, a corrupt, child-abandoning, widow-shtupping, prostitute-frolicking, drug-taking, and otherwise all-around disgusting human being.  According to The Hill:

"He's the vice president of the United States and his son, his brother and his other brother are getting rich. They're like a vacuum cleaner," Trump said.

The president has fixated on unproven allegations of corruption against the Biden family in the final stretch of the campaign....

The latest revelations from Hunter's hard drive show that (of course) Trump was correct and (of course) the corrupt mainstream media were wrong.  From the Daily Mail:

Joe Biden entertained his son's business associates in the vice president's office, including Mexican billionaires Carlos Slim and Miguel Alemán Velasco.

The then-vice president also flew Hunter and his partner Jeff Cooper on Air Force 2 to Mexico City in 2016 where Hunter arranged to meet Alemán's son for meetings over a 'flippin gigantic' business deal.

The revelations, laid bare in photographs and emails on Hunter's abandoned laptop, are the latest in a growing body of evidence calling into question the president's claim that he never spoke about business with Hunter.

In the light of shocking documents uncovered by from the laptop, the president now faces serious questions — not just whether he knew about Hunter's controversial business dealings, but also whether he was involved in facilitating them himself while vice president.

The Daily Mail, which has made the journalistic effort to sift through the Hunter hard drive, has the facts to back up those allegations.  In addition to myriad photos showing Biden in his vice presidential office posing with Slim, Velasco, and airline CEO, as well as Hunter and Cooper, there are reams of emails detailing how closely Biden was involved in Hunter's using Biden's position to enrich himself.

Hunter's partner in the deal was Jeff Cooper, a huge Biden donor.  In 2013, when he and Hunter came up with the plan to invest in businesses in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America, Cooper wrote to Hunter, "'This is setting up to be flippin gigantic brother."

By 2014, the two men tried to get even greater profits by leveraging Hunter's seat on Burisma (a job for which he had no qualifications other than Joe's position).  Again, the Daily Mail:

The prospects for profit only grew when Hunter joined the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma the following year.

He and Cooper sought the help of Valdés' grandson, airline CEO Miguel Alemán Magnani, to forge a relationship with the richest man in Latin America, Carlos Slim, in an attempt to cash in on the privatization of the giant state-owned oil company Pemex for Burisma and themselves.

By 2015, Hunter had arranged for the billionaires to meet with Joe at the vice president's residence in D.C.  This cropped photo of Biden, Hunter, Cooper, and the billionaires is representative of that meeting, although the hard drive suggests that there were multiple such meetings:

The Daily Mail has all the details of Hunter's and Cooper's plans to get rich, very rich, thanks to the benefits that Hunter's Ukraine connection would bestow upon the Mexican investors.  In addition, "Joe Biden's brother Jim also tried to cash in on the potential for bumper profits from Mexico's huge privatization plans," although he was too late to get in on the deal.  Most of this correspondence bespeaks greed and an enormous sense of entitlement.

Things get really interesting when correspondence shows that Joe Biden facilitated the plans, not just by meeting with the Mexican billionaires, but also by putting Air Force 2 at Hunter's service:

In February 2016, Hunter wrote an email to Magnani revealing that in the midst of their Mexican oil deal, his father was flying him and his business partner on Air Force 2 to Mexico City, where he and Cooper would be sitting in on a meeting with the country's president.

Joe Biden flew to Mexico on February 25 to 26, 2016 for trade talks with then-president Enrique Pena Nieto.

'We are arriving late tonight on Air Force 2 to MX City. We will be there for Thursday - I'm attending meeting w/ President N w/ Dad. Jeff is with me on lane [sic] and we will be with us all day,' Hunter wrote to Magnani on February 24, 2016.

The then-US vice president took Hunter and his business partner, who were setting up 'gigantic' business deals in Mexico, on the official trip despite recent concerns over Hunter's potential conflicts of interest in his commercial dealings.

Air Force 2 is an asset belonging to the American people.

There's way more in the Daily Mail article than I can summarize in this post.  Suffice it to say that we have irrefutable proof that Biden was lying through his teeth during the presidential campaign when he denied any knowledge about Hunter's business deals.  It's also patently clear that a more corrupt man has never occupied the Oval Office since America's inception — nor one more willing to sell America, piece by piece, to foreign interests.  No wonder that the White House has refused to respond to the Daily Mail's questions about these latest revelations.

Image: Biden, in the veep's residence, hanging with Mexico billionaires to facilitate his son’s money-making deals.  Photo (cropped) from Hunter Biden's hard drive, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

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