A viral video of the Star-Spangled Banner is an antidote to the left’s warped view of America

One of the awful things about the internet is that it magnifies the ugliness that lurks in many people, something that used to be hidden when not everyone traveled with a video camera and internet access. However, a countervailing wonderful thing about the internet is that it allows us to see that America is blessed with wonderful people: people who are brave, loving, artistic, generous, funny, and, in Haslet, Texas, possessed of a pure and simple patriotism that does the heart good.

Haslet, a small city, but one large enough to support a Walmart, is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. On Saturday – the day before America’s Independence Day – someone in the Haslet Walmart beginning singing the Star-Spangled Banner. That’s when the magic began: Men, women, and children in the store stopped what they were doing, put their hands over their hearts, and began to sing along:

The video instantly and, appropriately, went viral. On TikTok alone, almost 190,000 people liked it, with over 19,000 shares and comments. It began to be shared on Twitter and Facebook. News outlets around the world picked it up. On Facebook, where it originally appeared, it got over 1,000 likes.

Americans are not a nation because of race, color, creed, tribe, or any of the other markers that were once the measure of nationalism. Instead, they are Americans because they believe in America and in the Founding documents that define us – the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Anyone who subscribes to these things has the making of an American. We don't sing to a monarch. We salute the flag that symbolizes uplifting, highly functional principles that benefit all who embrace them.

Our media and the tech tyrants want us to believe that nobody believes in America anymore. Athletes have temper tantrums over the National Anthem, college students rip our country as evil, and leftists revel in Joe Biden’s policies, all of which are aimed at diminishing America. That’s what we see on the internet and the television, and when we open papers and magazines.

But across America, outside of that media and entertainment bubble, there are millions of people who feel profound gratitude that they have the privilege of living in America. It’s an imperfect country, to be sure, because all human institutions are imperfect. However, whether one looks at the past or the present, it’s still the greatest nation on earth – and the Walmart shoppers in Haslet, Texas, know this fact and honor it.

IMAGE: Facebook.

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