A loony leftist hunts Tucker Carlson down in a bait shop

In 2008, before he was president, Obama told his followers that, if they were in the company of independents or Republicans, “I want you to argue with them and get in their face.” A decade later, Rep. Maxine Waters (D. Stupidity), in defense of keeping an open border, exhorted her supporters that, if they saw someone from the Trump administration, “you get out and you create a crowd, and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” This is what leftists do – and it’s what some guy in a bait shop did when he caught sight of Tucker Carlson. Carlson responded with aplomb, but it must have been unnerving.

The video, below, shows a goofy-looking tall man crowding Carlson to insult him. The guy, who’s obviously a leftist, isn’t masked, which tells you just how crazy he really is. We know that all good leftists are masked whether they’ve been vaccinated or not. If his face is naked, that’s the leftist equivalent of being a rabid dog.

There’s nothing substantive in what the lunkhead is saying. It’s just a volley of mindless insults about Tucker being a horrible human being. Leftist man seems to have gotten his script from Brian “Tater” Stelter, over at CNN.

In response, Tucker keeps his good humor and, with his soft responses, makes sure not to reflect the man’s angry energy back at the man, which would have escalated the situation. That’s a very smart move when in the presence of someone operating from mindless emotion, rather than rationality.

Tucker asks the man to control himself because Tucker’s child is present. We know this, despite Tucker’s soft tones, who are inaudible on the video, because leftist man says, “I don’t care that your daughter is here.” That he might be traumatizing a child is irrelevant to the leftist. Eventually, Tucker throws a “Settle down, son,” at the man, a condescending and entirely appropriate remark to make when a lunatic has turned on the spigot at his mouth without getting his brain involved.

In a civil, functioning country, everyone would say, “It’s fine to disagree politically with Tucker but you don’t follow a TV personality around a store when his child is present calling him the worst man in the world. Moreover, if you have a problem with him, you argue against his policies, rather than demonize him.” We are no longer that country. On my social media, people are cheering leftist man for threatening a TV personality in front of the latter’s child. (And yes, it was threatening. When a tall, angry stranger crowds and insults you, he could be less than a second away from cold-cocking you, something that is often deadly.)

Broken countries can be sewn back together as America was after the Civil War. However, it took decades, two world wars and, of course, the fact that the North had completely defeated the South on the battlefield.

In 2021, it’s hard to tell what can bind up this nation’s wounds. I put the burden of normalizing the relationship on the Democrats, assuming they’re capable of drawing back from their madness. After all, as both Andrew Sullivan and Victor Davis Hanson, two men whose politics could not be more different, have pointed out, it’s the Democrats who have departed their moorings. Sullivan even had a chart:

The great, quiet mass of Americans, the ones who just get on with life, who ignore the news, and who hate talking politics, are very soon going to have to take a stand. Heck, the Democrats are going to force them to because they insist on politicizing everything. For the sake of America’s return to greatness (I still think it can happen), I certainly hope the quiet Americans come down on the side of traditional values, including leaving a man in peace when he’s out with his children.

IMAGE: Even with a crazy man in his face, Tucker keeps his sense of humor. Twitter screen grab.

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