A Black man in Michigan is grateful one cop wasn't defunded

Police Officer Luke Pauley received a call about a rollover accident in Harper Woods, Michigan, a smallish suburb of Detroit.  When he arrived on the scene, he saw a car that was a fireball sitting in the middle of the road.  Several bystanders told him someone was in the car — although none of them could or did try to rescue the man.

Officer Pauley didn't think twice.  As he said, his training kicked in and he raced towards a car that was in imminent danger of exploding.  His body camera shows that the man in the car had tried to get out but was unable to do so.  Officer Pauley got the car open and dragged the man to safety:

The video is worth watching because it's inspiring to see that kind of bravery and to see someone rescued from a certain and horrible death.

However, in this fractured era, when leftists are desperate to tell American Blacks that every White person is evil and to tell all Americans that every man is a toxic, tyrannical member of the patriarchy, that video isn't just interesting, but important.  Because you saw that Officer Pauley is White, while the man he rescued is Black, right?

The important thing is that Officer Pauley didn't see that, or if he did, it didn't matter.  I feel reasonably confident that the same would hold true for most American law enforcement officers.  They see one of their missions as being to rescue people.  Not to arrest them, but to rescue them.  After all, it was New York's first responders — firefighters and police officers — who saw the inferno of the World Trade Center towers and, instead of running away, ran straight into them.  Within a few minutes, 412 New York emergency workers (mostly firefighters) died.

There are always going to be people who become first responders, especially law enforcement, for the wrong reasons.  In leftist cities, they're leftists who bow down before Black Lives Matter.  As Mike McDaniel and "Sentinel" detail in the excellent and disturbing License to Kill: The Murder of Erik Scott, there are corrupt police departments driven not by racism, but by stupidity and cover-ups.

And yes, there are racist law enforcement officers and first responders — people of all races who are hostile to those who don't look like them.  But again, that's the minority.  Mostly, the police officers are there for us when others are not — and we are lucky that they are.

Image: A fiery rescue.  YouTube screen grab.

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