A bad day for AOC: Cubans rise up to repudiate communism

For open socialists such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the uprising in Cuba, every inch a people's uprising to repudiate communism and end it forever, couldn't have been good news.

She's been silent on Twitter, as have been all three other members of "the squad."

Bernie Sanders, the éminence grise of the wokesters, has been silent, too.

Nothing from Cuban health care propagandist Michael Moore who praised all that "free" health care in film. Nothing from President Obama who did "the wave" with Cuba's billionaire dictator Raul Castro. Nothing from radical left-wing royalty Chesa Boudin, or his stepdad, unrepentant radical domestic terrorist Bill Ayers who spent lots of time in Cuba and worked with the regime, according to the FBI. Nothing from the Congressional Black Caucus, which gushed praise for the regime in its pilgrimage to Havana in 2009, and continues to blast the U.S. And certainly nothing from the "trained Marxists" at Black Lives Matter, who paid pilgrimages to Cuban acolyte Hugo Chavez and take Cuba as their model. Funny how so many of the protestors denouncing the communist hellhole are identifiably black in the Twitter videos. It's kind of ... embarrassing.

It's bad stuff for them, not just because they look like lying asses and ignoramii, but because they've clinched the "narrative" in the U.S. They are the establishment now, not the revolutionaries or outsiders. They hold power. They wield power. They control the media. Remember how one of them ran a cover saying "we're all socialists now"? They still praise socialism and don't even try to hide it, promoting its agenda, despite the experience of history. They've got not just the political system wrapped up in wokester lies and false narratives about the U.S., tearing down statues and erasing U.S. history. They're also stomping on the flag, turning their backs at international ceremonies, if not assaulting and burning fixtures of democracy such as courthouses, and destroying private property, all in the name of socialism. Up until now, they've held Cuba up as the example to follow on free health care, free education, free everything ... except for actual freedom.

Cuba in fact has been the locus of every manifestation of destructive socialism in the past 62 years. Few leftists, except before the 1950s, ever said that they wanted the U.S, to be the Soviet Union. But the Cuba worshippers, who insist the U.S. be like Cuba, continue to live on. It's that glamorous images of Castro at the United Nations or Che looking constipated that seem to get them excited. Cuba's communism has infected places all over the region -- in Nicaragua, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, El Salvador, even a brief stretch in Honduras (2009) which the locals revolted against. But Castro and his legacy live on and on as revolutionary respectability, and the lefties continue to flock to him. It's sickening, given that Castro has turned his country to rubble and ruin, a place of torture, turba mobs, and prisons, and driven at least a quarter of the population out, escaping on leaking inner tubes and discarded styrofoam through shark-infested waters.  He's a billionaire of course. Yet he and the hellish regime he founded, ought to be treated like a defeated Nazi.

And right now in the states, socialist schemes are being bruited around with abandon. We have money-shoveling of other people's money which will go on until socialists run out of "other people's money." We have neighbor spy on neighbor, same as the Cubans are ordered to do, according to a recent FBI request to families of "extremists" for leads. We certainly have turba mobs, the "repudiation mobs" seen in the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests. Some believe that voters in places like Minneapolis actually voted for assorted leftists, as well as the conviction of a cop for police brutality as a means of heading off the open threats now appearing from these Cuba imitators. 

More grotesque still, Cuba is seen as glamorous. Beyonce made her Cuba tour during the Obama administration. Leftists gladly wear Che t-shirts. Richard Branson, who's lately been in the news for his space flight, even glamourized himself in a quasi picture of Che as one of a number of "business revolutionaries." I once wrote an editorial that got Che CD cases yanked from the store shelves of Target. Glamour, glamour, glamour, and utterly rotten on the inside.

For leftists, it all comes down to Cuba and wanting to make America Cuba, and don't think it couldn't happen. It did happen in Venezuela, where dictator Hugo Chavez pretty well merged his country into Cuba in an amazing act of self-imperialism, given his love for that Cuban dream, or more specifically, total power for himself that the Cuban communists achieved for themselves and replicated for him, adding their secret-police muscle. It also happened in Chile, around 1972, where Castro showed up in Santiago and started issuing orders. The shambles that followed in both countries were simply the same as we see in Cuba, except with more cameras on, along with a heaping helping of crime. Think there aren't others here who aren't thinking the same thing?

Now their totem is tottering and they can't hold it up as an example. If the Cubans succeed in ousting the evil regime and scrubbing their country of every vestige of socialism, the leftists in the states, as well as around Latin America, will be lost, adrift, no lodestar, no leader. 

It's reason enough to pray that they succeed. The Castro worship has got to end.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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