With Kamala Harris doing nothing on the border, Joe Biden gets out his pen and phone

Joe Biden appointed Kamala Harris his border "czar," but that's a non-starter.

After loudly declaring, "I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this," he can't even get her to visit the border to get a firsthand take on all those "root causes" she babbles about.

So he's gotten busy himself, pen and phone in hand.

Three things stand out, all of which are geared to serving foreign lawbreakers over the interests of U.S. citizens.  He likes to share the wealth.

One, a rollback of President Trump's active asylum cases, which require waiting in Mexico to make such claims.

According to BuzzFeed News, which has lots of deep-dive news about this sort of thing:

So far, nearly 8,400 immigrants who had been forced to remain in Mexico under MPP have been able to enter the US under a process started by the Biden administration, according to an analysis from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University. For the most part, only those with active cases have been able to apply to be allowed into the US, and according to the analysis, as of the end of April, 18,087 people still remained in Mexico with open cases who in theory could register to be allowed into the United States.

So he's already let 8,400 people, very likely with junk claims as most of them are, from people who are demanding to be let into the States ahead of others patiently waiting in line to legally immigrate here, either to get an instant work permit to take a job here, or else to claim "free" welfare benefits as a lifestyle choice.  Sometimes, it's both.  And with a four-year backlog of asylum cases, that's four years of work in the States even for junk claims that get thrown out of court.

No wonder the human-smuggling cartels have such a good time advertising the benefits of partaking of their human-smuggling services and are seeing a booming trade these days.  Smugglers advertise policies like these to bring in more illegals at a high profit.  Why wait?  Four free years of work no matter how the judge rules.  Given that no one is enforcing the law, and four years of work means a new claim to have "put down roots here," it's probably more.  Sounds like a marketing plan for more illegal immigration right there.

But that's not all Biden's up to: he's also getting ready to change the asylum system itself, by appointing a class of "asylum officers" to clear the backlog of asylum cases instead of the current system of having judges do it.

According to a different story from BuzzFeed:

The Biden administration is planning to dramatically reshape how asylum-seekers are processed in order to prevent an increase in the backlog of immigration court cases, potentially cutting the waiting period for some applicants by years, according to government documents obtained by BuzzFeed News.

The policy, which has been months in the making and was first alluded to by White House transition officials in December, has yet to be finalized. However, it would shift the decision-making power for whether certain immigrants encountered at the border are granted asylum from an immigration judge to an asylum officer. It would not, however, apply to unaccompanied children (who have a separate process) or to those who are already in court proceedings in the US.

Depending on how it is implemented, the plan could represent President Joe Biden's most consequential immigration policy to date and fundamentally change the dynamics at the southern border by preventing asylum cases from taking years to complete in court. 

So instead of trained judges, presumably even-handed, Biden's going to appoint a non-professional class of people, any of whom could have open-borders activist ties, to say "yes" to every last asylum claim, no matter how bad, all to claim that the "backlog" has been cleared.  It's easy to clear a backlog when you say "yes" to every last asylum claim.  Asylum claimants also get three appeals, so it's hard for them to lose.  Here's another thing about it, reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune in a piece headlined: "Biden plans to rebuild and expand legal immigration": 

Divided into seven sections, the document offers detailed policy proposals that would help more foreigners move to the United States, including high-skilled workers, trafficking victims, the families of Americans living abroad, American Indians born in Canada, refugees, asylum-seekers and farmworkers. Immigrants who apply online could pay less in fees or even secure a waiver in an attempt to "reduce barriers" to immigration. And regulations would be overhauled to "encourage full participation by immigrants in our civic life."

He wants to let everyone in who wants to come in, and that last passage sounds like giving them voting rights, too.  It will eventually — probably some motor-voter citizenship thing as the system entrenches.  That's 42 million people, although he may or may not know that.  Standards are set to fall.  Women who make foolish personal choices to get involved with wife-beaters will have a fast track into the country, as if they couldn't possibly move to anywhere else inside their own countries.  Anyone who's gay or transgender gets fast-tracked in, too.  Rest assured: standards will fall on this plan, with many zero-merit people who are products of social disintegration to be imported into the U.S., as well as some criminals who slip through.  Crime in the States will rise.  It would be nice to make these politicized "asylum officers" sue-able (as lefties seek of the police) for every foreign criminal they let in who does harm to an American, but don't hold your breath.

Will it clear a backlog, though?  According to BuzzFeed, it won't.  Get a load of this:

Asylum officers already decide cases for asylum-seekers who are in the US and apply from within the country, but that system has also been plagued with a massive backlog. Only certain immigrants who have been in the US for less than a year and are not already in immigration court can apply for asylum through this process, called affirmative asylum. It's unclear what Biden's plan would do to that backlog.

It gets worse.  As if the backlog weren't enough, Biden plans to import back already deported illegals, to gum up the lines further.  According to the Associated Press (hat tip: Breitbart News):

With President Joe Biden in office, one of the new proposals from advocates urges creating a centralized Department of Homeland Security office to consider requests from deported immigrants trying to reunite with their families in the U.S.

"We have deported hundreds of thousands of individuals, and to do that and not even have an effective safety valve to review bad decisions violates due process," said Nayna Gupta, associate director of policy for the National Immigrant Justice Center, the Washington-based nonprofit that proposed the idea.

It's a long shot: White House officials have never publicly mentioned the idea, and it doesn't yet have a supporter in Congress. The campaign, however, shows how immigrant advocacy has become emboldened after four years hardline immigration policies under former President Donald Trump.

Of course they haven't mentioned it.  Bringing back deported people who were thrown out for failing to obey U.S. immigration law, so they can break the law in peace here in their rightful place as part of the illegal alien–American community, won't fly with voters.  They want to import illegality?  Because Orange Man Bad? 

As if that isn't bad enough, Breitbart noted that the illegals being imported into the States include these:

As Breitbart News reported, Biden's plan would give amnesty to illegal aliens who were already deported from the U.S. by the Trump administration starting in January 2017.

Specifically, the provision provides DHS waivers to deported illegal aliens — as long as they have not been convicted of a felony or three misdemeanors — so that they can return to the U.S. and apply for amnesty.

So they get two free misdemeanors.  What are the kinds of crimes that such misdemeanors could be?  According to this law site:

  • DWI/DUI (VC 23152(a) 23152(b))
  • Domestic Violence/Domestic Battery (PC 243(e)(1))
  • Petty Theft (PC 484 & 488)
  • Shoplifting
  • Public Intoxication
  • Receiving Stolen Property (PC 496)
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Probation Violations
  • Solicitation of Prostitution (PC 647(b))
  • Prostitution (PC 647(b)
  • Reckless Driving
  • Assault and Battery (PC 240 & 242)
  • Trespassing (PC 602)
  • Drug Possession
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Violation of a Protection Order
  • Disturbing the Peace
  • Drunk in Public (PC 647(f)

So in addition to allowing the battered women in for being battered, their batterers are going to be allowed in, too, if Biden puts out an executive order or notice of rules change to state that any misdemeanor is no barrier to re-entry to the States.  Letting wife-beaters in who've only been busted twice kind of negates the purpose of asylum, does it not?  Did anyone let the KGB in after authentic asylum-seekers during the Cold War were allowed in?  Don't think so.  But according to this Biden plan, batterers will get two free wife-beating convictions and still be allowed in.  That's convictions, not reported allegations, where the battered woman retracts her charges or refuses to cooperate with prosecutors because she's still "in love," or, for that matter, unreported or unprosecuted beatings.  Just convictions — two free wife-beatings per illegal to be imported back in, quite likely at taxpayer expense.

And that's just one category of criminals — perverts who expose themselves to children, drunk drivers, public drunks, hookers — they get two free ones, too and will still be allowed in.

Does this sound like a plan?  Actually, it sounds like a disaster.  Joe Biden's trying to sneak this in, and Republicans shouldn't let him get away with it.

Image: Screen shot from DW video via shareable YouTube.

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