'What not to say to a cop' video goes viral

My brother-in-law, who spent 20 years in the San Diego Police Department as a cop before retiring to Idaho, said he used to ask for patrol assignments in poor neighborhoods over rich ones.

"The poor people know the rules," he explained.  What he couldn't stand were rich, entitled jackasses from places like La Jolla, giving untold complaints, threats, snowflakery, and rank-pullings, and worse, over their traffic tickets.

So here's what he was talking about, according to a video posted by the Daily Caller:

She's sanctimonious, whiny, garrulous, argumentative, constantly deflecting the issue about her own texting while driving, and soon slides into snowflakery about her personal safety and personal property, as well as lectures the cop on the law, telling the cop she pays his salary, and spewing some amazingly obnoxious things without a lick of common sense.  She's amazingly unaware of how bad she sounds, and she just keeps digging even as the penalties to her get higher.

She's also obviously rich, given her late-model car and the expensive sports-equipment rack on the top of her vehicle by the Swedish design company Thule.

Less entitled people would do everything possible to avoid a ticket after being pulled over.  Cops, after all, usually have some leeway to issue a citation or warning, and for the person in that position, their main task at hand is to somehow persuade the cop one way or another to issue the warning instead of the ticket.  But not this doofus.  Texting while driving tends to bring triple-digit tickets, so, obviously, she paid.

I googled around about this incident, and it's apparent it was probably posted before the war on police dating from the George Floyd incident, dating around 2018.  The officer in question is apparently a Columbus Police Department officer named "Connor" who has a campaign of sorts to stop texting while driving, which is certainly responsible for many accidents and comparable to drunk driving, given the driver impairment.  He also seems to have posted this one — from a very similar-looking woman who starts off by calling him a "douchebag.":

A rock music station called The Blitz has more background on this charmer.  She posted lies about the cop on social media and tried to rally the community against him, prompting the cop and his department to release the police camera footage.  So it's sort of a genre, and there are probably a lot of them out there. 

It's a good example of turning the tables on the originally left-wing demands to film cops, as if they are the ones doing something wrong, proving to everyone that they usually aren't.  And sure enough, it's Columbus P.D., where the officer who shot the teenager with a knife in the act of stabbing a woman in pink earlier this year was pretty well saved from a barrage of lies from the left by his cop cam.  Obviously, Columbus seems to be a city that stands by its police and uses its cop cams to spread truth.

But the prevalence of such people is interesting, too.  Could this sense of entitlement be the result of too much money and too little belief that rules apply to one?  These women seem to think rules don't apply to them — hence their shock at being pulled over.  One wonders.  The other thing worth considering is whether the recent examples of passengers fighting the flight attendants on jet aircrafts during flights is this kind of mentality at work, too.  We don't know at this point, but one thing seems clear: there sure are a lot of rich people with an entitlement mentality, a sure sign of a flabby society.

One hopes the cops keep posting these videos, given that society has lost its sense of shame and activists and their lies frequently gain the upper hand in the press.  Once a sense of shame is restored, these videos won't be necessary.

Image: Screen shot from Daily Caller video posted on YouTube.

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