Virologist who warned Fauci COVID 'potentially engineered' (and then did a 180) has now deleted 5,000+ tweets

Kristian Andersen is a Scripps Institute virologist on a first-name basis with Dr. Anthony Fauci.  So his January 31, 2020 email to the good doctor stating that some of the features of the COVID-19 virus "(potentially) look engineered" and that the genome is "inconsistent with expectations of evolutionary theory" garnered a lot of attention when the FOIA-requested emails were released last week.

Skeptics noticed that he reversed himself two months later, and then — surprise! — he got a big grant from the NIH:

Actually, he got five times more than $1.88 million, because that is the annual grant in a five-year grant program:

No doubt, a coincidence.

Speaking of coincidences, Dr. Andersen just deleted all his tweets prior to March 7, 2021 and claimed that it was an automatic process.

Which led to this hilarious rejoinder:

Nothing to see here, of course.  Move along.

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