Vaccines: When the Boomer generation's wisdom meets the Millennials' will to submit

After fifteen months of medical and media propaganda, every family in the nation has a sense of either trust and confidence in the government's information on the subject of COVID or, among those who are naturally suspicious of government dictates, a thorough distrust of what the government and media spew 24/7.

The dos and don'ts of COVID, like politics, have proven destructive to family and friendships.  To quarantine or not.  To mask or not.  To socially distance or not.  To vaccinate or not.  Should one submit to the government mandates or resist?  The lockdowns and quarantines made sense, or they did not.

Why are there experimental vaccinations for a disease that is easily treatable with proven existing and inexpensive drugs?  Why are the media and government pushing the vaccines so aggressively?  Why are the media and Big Tech conspiring and uniting to suppress any and all scientific and medical commentary that has opposed the lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccines?

Was the entire COVID nightmare a planned conspiracy to defeat President Trump?  That, ladies and gentlemen, is the key, awful question.  That Wuhan lab run by the military wing of the Chinese Communist Party was and most likely remains ground zero for the weaponization of viruses.  Hillary Clinton knew that in 2009.  Has she spoken out over the last year?  No, she has not.

The same forces censoring any articles that are in direct contrast to the government party line have been doing everything in their power to punish those doctors and scientists who have, for over a year, called foul on much if not all the propaganda that is clearly meant to use fear as a motivating force.  The powers that be are attempting to have their medical licenses revoked.  If they wrote about and prescribed therapeutics that undeniably work, prophylactically and as treatments, HCQ and ivermectin, their articles and videos are censored.

What explains this maniacal drive to criminalize doctors with more impressive credentials than Fauci's?  That man has not seen a patient in over thirty years.  He has done none of the actual scientific work those critical of his daily pontifications have.  His work is getting grants to fund biological research, even gain-of-function, which may have actually created this pandemic.  Fauci has lied to the Senate and the public since January 2020.  He suppressed the millions of doses of HCQ that Peter Navarro had acquired and would have possibly saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Fauci did the same when he meddled so destructively in the AIDS crisis and refused medication to about 20K afflicted gay men that might have saved their lives.  The man has the blood of hundreds of thousands of lives on his hands.  He should be in prison.

Bill Whittle has a powerful and commonsensical video at his site, Afterburner: "Coerced Cowardice."  Along with showing that young people are barely at risk of getting, let alone dying of COVID, it is the young who are the most fearful of it.  He carefully explains why this might be.  There is a neurological explanation: LTP, long-term potentiation.  Watch the video.  But the bottom line is that our gradual descent into what has now become full-blown cancel culture, the abject intolerance of anything and everything that might be taken out of context, has so severely damaged perhaps two generations of young people that they suffer from the irrational fear of an illness they are at very little risk of contracting, let alone from which they could die.

While the easily frightened rushed to be vaccinated with an emergency-authorized bit of gene therapy without doing any research beyond what the media presented, millions of others were not so anxious to be injected with what appeared to be a highly experimental, never before tried chem/bio human trial.

Some doctors believe that thousands have died as a direct result of the vaccines.  Dr. McCullough is only one of them.  There are hundreds of them from all around the world.  The man who invented mRNA, Dr. Robert Malone, is on record warning about the potential dangers of the vaccines, especially for the young.  He's been censored by all of the mainstream media except Fox News and several alternate sites that have yet to be silenced.  So if your friends and family members confine their vaccine information gathering to CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC, they know only what the government and the media want them to know: that they must, must, must submit to one of the three vaccines available in order to survive a flu for which there are numerous treatments.  One has to ask: what the hell is in those jabs that the global elites are so determined to mandate our submission to them?  Never in U.S. history has the federal government pushed an experimental medical procedure so relentlessly. 

Sadly, there have been many thousands of deaths due to COVID, most of them among the very elderly who suffered from one or several co-morbidities.  N.Y.'s Gov. Cuomo seemed to almost relish the thousands of deaths in his state rather than take advantage of the field hospitals and hospital ship Trump provided.  The same is true of Govs. Murphy of N.J. and Newsom of California.  These are horrific men without a shred of character; the preservation of their own political power governs every move they make.  They care nothing at all for their actual constituents.  The people are just bits of data to be moved about on carefully constructed charts of their own making.  Like any pollster, they can make the numbers "show" whatever they want them to show.

All of this demonstrates to millions of us that there must be something so treacherous, so unscrupulous, so potentially lethal about these vaccines that we will never submit to them.  Jill Biden was booed in Tennessee when she complained that only three in ten Tennesseans had been vaxxed.  She stupidly responded that "you're only booing yourselves."  She may be the dumbest first lady ever and the most grasping for undeserved power. 

The globalist left that engineered the COVID crisis (which was never a real crisis at all) are likely thrilled with the results of their chicanery.  President Trump is not in the White House.  The thriving economy he effected is no more.  Millions of small businesses have folded.  Millions of people remain unemployed and dependent on government largess, which the hapless Biden is only too happy to print.

Saddest of all is that multi-millions of Americans revealed that they are sheep at heart and will comply with whatever nonsense the Biden administration demands.  We Boomers have enjoyed an America the WWII generation fought for, died for, and saved for us — but we've pampered our children to the point at which they require "safe spaces"; trigger warnings; and, ridiculously, fifty-plus gender designations.  And now we are all paying the price for the radicalization of education we tolerated that has given us two generations of historically ignorant, easily manipulated young people.  Their parents are to blame.  If they only realize where all this will lead if they do not wake up fight back...

Graphic credit: Pixabay license.

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