Tucker Carlson says a leaker has revealed NSA spying on him, plotting to get him taken off the air

If this pans out — and there is good reason to suspect it will — the deepest end of the Deep State will be caught breaking the law and interfering with what remains of the free press.

Monday night's edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the highest rated program on cable news, featured a shocking short segment (video below) in which the host stated that a whistleblower had revealed that "[t]he NSA is monitoring our electronic communications and is planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off air."

He added that the whistleblower had provided details about a story the show was working on that could only have come from examining his personal emails and texts.  The segment is less than two minutes long and worth viewing:

It is, of course, illegal for the NSA to use its comprehensive monitoring of electronic communications (phone, texts, email) on American citizens unless they are in contact with foreign subjects of surveillance.  But as Sundance of The Last Refuge wisely reminds us:

Remember, for five consecutive years the U.S. intelligence community has admitted to the FISA court they continually conduct illegal searches of U.S. citizen data, using the NSA database, and they admit to illegally extracting information which is illegally shared with interests outside the intelligence community.

Tucker stated that he is filing a FOIA claim, which may well be futile, as John Hinderaker of Powerline sarcastically notes:

[T]he idea that serving FOIA requests on the NSA and other intelligence agencies in a Democratic administration will generate any honest or meaningful response is fanciful.

Tucker's claim is entirely plausible to me.  Nobody else in the media with an audience in the millions dares to explore many of the topics his show raises.  He is a brave truth-teller in my book, and without peer in the broadcast media.

I fear that the Biden administration will do everything in its power to bottle this up, and of course the Democrat-controlled houses of Congress will have no interest in investigating.  Nor will Merrick Garland make it a priority for the DOJ or the FBI.  They may well be able to stifle official inquiries with the power of subpoenas.  It may end up that civil litigation will provide the best avenue for getting at the truth, but clever and powerful lawyers can easily delay legal proceedings by years.

Our only hope may be with the GOP gaining control of one or both houses of Congress and launching investigations.  But the track record there is not inspiring.  Remember Benghazi?

If you expect the progressive media establishment to rise up in support of Tucker, please do not hold your breath.  Prolonged oxygen deprivation can have serious consequences.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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