Tucker Carlson on the continued degradation of our military

Conservatives believe that the American military exists to defend the nation and that this works best with tight unit cohesion based on shared experiences and alliances.  Obama believed that the military is a social justice experiment that requires welcoming open homosexuality and transgender troops.  Trump was able to slow this trend, but he didn't realize how deep the rot was in the Pentagon.  The moment he was out of office, Biden appointed Lloyd Austin as Pentagon chief, and the Obama social justice experiment morphed into full-blown racial Marxism.  I could write volumes on this, but I'll content myself with a short intro and then turn the floor over to Tucker Carlson.

Obama did away with "don't ask, don't tell" in favor of having gays and lesbians serve openly.  I have no idea whether that's worked to the military's benefit because there will never be an honest assessment.  He also admitted transgender people, despite their profound emotional problems, and said the military would pay for their mutilating surgeries and hormones, used to achieve a poor imitation of being the opposite sex.

The most problematic thing Obama did was to purge traditional military officers from the Pentagon.  I wrote about that at length here, before I came on board at American Thinker, so I won't belabor the point.  Suffice it to say that if you held the conservative view of the military (a colorblind institution dedicated to America's defense), you were likely to be cashiered from your position in the Pentagon.

Through it all, and running into the Trump years, there was the constant, damaging pressure to put women on the front line.  I deeply oppose this.  In small numbers, women have been frontline fighters throughout history, and have acquitted themselves bravely, but that's always been because the home front and the frontline were one and the same.  When serious armies facing serious challenges have experimented with women in battle, it's been a disaster — and that doesn't even count lowering standards to accommodate the fact that women are physically weaker than men.

With Biden in the White House Obama's efforts to alter the military to more closely resemble the average American college campus seem almost quaint.  Under Lloyd Austin, the military has wholeheartedly embraced Critical Race Theory, which is simply Marxism in racial garb.  This should terrify you because it's intended to render the military dysfunctional.  A dysfunctional military in a dangerous world is the stuff of nightmares.

And now I'll stop writing and, instead, let you see Tucker Carlson's excellent summary, including his highlighting how appalling Ibrahim X. Kendi's book is — and it's recommended reading in the Navy — and how stupid Kendi himself is.  Even worse than that, though, is seeing what passes for a high-ranking military officer in Biden's military.  We must hope for the sake of the men and women (and transgender its) serving under Admiral Michael Gilday that he is not quite the racist fool he appears to be.

Both America and her military have shown tremendous resiliency over the centuries.  It's to be hoped that both still have reserves enough to handle what the Biden White House is sending their way.

Image: Admiral Gilday.  YouTube screen grab.

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