Trump may not be in the White House but at least he’s being vindicated

I continue to believe that Donald Trump would be in the White House but for massive election fraud. It is an example of how unfair life can be that he is not. However, there is some compensation coming Trump’s way. Day after day, on issue after issue, he’s proven to be correct, whether it was that he pursued policies that worked well for Americans, made predictions that were accurate, or did not do the heinous things that Democrats claimed he’d done. Of course, being Trump, he’s not shy about trumpeting that vindication. Speaking via satellite link to a Frank Speech MAGA rally in Wisconsin that Mike Lindell sponsored, Trump shared his victories with the cheering crowd.

Trump opened his speech by stating that he actually won the election, and noting that he did so despite the Washington Post/ABC poll that tried to suppress the vote by claiming Trump was 17 points down. He’s still his ebullient self but he definitely feels that he was treated very, very badly.

Trump applauded the patriotism of Mike Lindell, as well as named attendees there: Diamond & Silk, Charlie Kirk, Chris Cox and the Bikers for Trump, Dinesh D’Souza, Sheriff David Clarke. He then spoke about the way he was being silenced because of the election:

Because they know the results; they know what really happened. That’s why if you go to anyplace, you see the kind of fight that the Democrats put up. They don’t want recounts; they don’t want forensic audits in particular. They don’t want it. But in Arizona, you have incredible people. *** These are incredible American patriots and let’s see what they do.

Trump added that it’s incredibly unhealthy if voters cannot understand how and why an election turned out as it did. In other words, true democracy requires these audits.

Then, Trump got down to the business of the many times he was right. He read from the same email blast he sent out on Saturday. For those who aren’t on the Save America PAC and aren’t going to watch the video, here’s the long list (and a very incomplete one at that) detailing everything Trump got right:

Even if you read the list, take the time to listen to Trump embroider on the items in the list. He’s accurate and right on point every time.

Considering how betrayed I feel that Trump is sidelined and that a doddering old fool is in the White House acting as a puppet for the Marxists pushing a “fundamental change” on America, I can’t even imagine how Trump is handling the tremendous disappointment of being cheated out of his victory and his chance to Keep America Great. I’ve read nasty people (mostly Never Trumpers, if I remember correctly) say that an embittered Trump is dwelling on the past.

I say, why shouldn’t he? He needs to keep reminding the American people that they were cheated of national security, economic success, greater racial harmony, and a sunnier future all around. Moreover, with his tremendous resilience and optimism, he’s way less embittered than I would be or, for that matter, than Hillary Clinton still is with her drunken maunderings.

Anyway, watch and enjoy seeing Trump in fine fettle:

IMAGE: Donald Trump. Rumble video.

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