There is no bottom to the ignorance of supposedly educated Americans

A basic premise of the American system, going all the way back to the Founding Fathers, was an educated population.  People weren't expected to be scholars.  However, the Founders required a literate and moral population to make their great government experiment work.  And that is what they got: most Americans were literate before public schooling.  Colonial Americans could also read at a very sophisticated level.  The colonists would not have known what to make of the abysmally educated people a scary, funny video shows.

The unthinking American assumption is that, thanks to universally available public education, every American has at least a minimal fund of knowledge about the world and how it works.  However, as Jay Leno used to show with his man (and woman) on the street interviews, and as the video below shows, many members of the American public know very little:

Perhaps it's unfair to say they know very little.  While our schools churn out young people who cannot read, write, or reason, they are extremely well versed in pop culture (they know the lyrics to Megan Thee Stallion songs), and the most recent generations of school graduates will bore you to tears talking about gender, racism, class victimization, America's wrongdoing over the centuries, etc.

In other words, the focus of American education has changed a great deal.  It's no longer about reading, writing, math, patriotism, and liberty.  Now it's about race, oppression, gender fluidity, anti-Americanism, and fealty to a trustworthy Big Government with Democrats and progressives in charge.  Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris's remarkably empty heads seem perfectly representative of the new American model.

When I'm depressed, I wake up thinking that, by taking over American education, the left has won a Civil War that conservatives didn't even know they were fighting.  However, when I think about the more than 75 million people who voted for Donald Trump, I have hope.  Think about that: despite the failures and indoctrination of the American education system, more than 75 million people still knew enough to vote for freedom.

Image: Dunce cap.  Public domain.

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