The Virginia governor's race could predict who takes the White House in 2024

There is a saying in American Politics: "As Maine goes, so goes the nation."  Today, in this 2021 Virginia off-year election, one may substitute Virginia for Maine as regards 2022 even 2024.

At least that is the opinion expressed in a fundraising letter by James Carville in support of "Terry for Governor" — nice folksy touch with "ain't" and "geeked up," but make no mistake: James Carville is a serious political player for the Democrat party.

It ain't a mystery why Trump is all geeked up about Youngkin. Election experts are saying Democrats could lose Virginia. If that happens, Republicans would get a huge surge of momentum going into the 2022 midterms.

So it's this simple:

If Glenn Youngkin wins, Donald Trump wins. Worse, Trumpism will be on the march again heading into a pivotal midterm for the future of our democracy.

His appeal has six references trying to tie Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin to Donald Trump.  Consequently, if that is all they have, as a proud Virginia H.S. grad, I do not think they will get far in their ad nauseam "Orange Man Bad" campaigning.

I was honored to meet Candidate Youngkin twice and even took his picture for an article.  Please note that he is neither orange nor bad.

On a beautiful early spring day in Rappahannock County Virginia known as "The Sunny side of the Blue Ridge," a  candidate in the 2021 Virginia Republican Primary Glenn Youngkin reached out to his fellow Virginians to ask for the most precious commodity they own in a democracy–their vote.

Standing outside and framed by mountains, he sincerely expressed the courage of his convictions defining his vision for our future.

It  could have been exactly like earlier intellectual giants spoke in such informal settings such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James  Monroe and Patrick Henry, when they stood outside to speak with their fellow Virginians.

Glenn Youngkin expressed a direct profound message with perfect pitch to frame exactly why this odd year election in Virginia is so so important.

It is the moral, ethical and intellectual courage of Glenn Youngkin, and for that matter, all other Republican primary candidates, that should be recognized because it takes true fortitude to enter ones name in the current viciousness of today's hateful public debates.

Elect Glenn Youngkin as Governor and perhaps just like in James Monroe's time as President America will have another "Era of good feeling."

Having been honored with two political appointments by President Reagan, I can compare candidate Youngkin to one of the greatest presidents in American history, who vanquished the evil empire of the Soviet Union.

President Reagan was a man of courtesy and respect for all and was centered intellectually with the courage of his convictions without being contentious.  My take on candidate Youngkin is that he has the same attributes.  Candidate Youngkin is the closest I've ever met to have that sincere, from-the-heart Reagan touch, which, along with his quietly expressed deep-centered faith, may actually bring back an era of good feeling.

However, if the Ds want to play connectivity politics, I could say snidely that Terry McAuliffe is "the poor man's Bill and Hillary Clinton."  He is most definitely, as is James Carville, a single-digit card-carrying member of Clinton Inc.  One can only imagine a Governor Terry running for president in 2024, with the Obama team, waking up in Martha's Vineyard along with Dr. Jill in her house, from their nightmare, realizing "they are back," meaning the Clintons.  Such is life today in the Democrat party, but that is their problem.

However, I doubt that running with the current Democrat love affair with Critical Race Theory (CRT) — after the sitting governor "gooned up" one of the most sacred missions a state has, which is the successful education of the sons and daughters of Virginia with his draconian COVID policies — is a winner.

The Virginia governor was by many measures the worst state leader in the nation.  And thank you, Loudoun County commissars, for bringing children back to learn after a horrible year for instruction in even the basics of focus now on  CRT.  Such Democrat buffoonery may make all parents, Republican and Democrat, throughout the Old Dominion white-hot with anger, and justifiably so.

Image: Famartin via Wikimedia Commons.

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