The Pentagon puts a halt to Pride flags

The Biden Pentagon has gone all in on subjecting the American military to the worst excesses of the social justice movement: troops are being indoctrinated into Critical Race Theory and the defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, has ominously announced that he's going to purge all extremists — and he doesn't mean jihadists who are plotting America's downfall.  Using January 6 as a hook, it's clear he intends to get rid of Trump-supporters and others with similar traditional American values (liberty, strong borders, strong economy, colorblind society, etc.).  In a startling moment of sanity, however, the Pentagon has announced that it will not fly the gay rainbow Pride flags.

It turns out that the Defense Department is being forced to reckon with its own rule from last year about displaying flags, a rule that it put into place to ban Confederate flags from military installations:

The decision came after a reevaluation of existing policy put in place last year to ban the display of Confederate flag without specifically naming it.

Authorized flags include the American flag, flags representing US states and territories, prisoners of war and flags of US allies as well as a few others.

Defense officials had decided against making an exception for the Pride flag. 

Of course, the decision came with a grovel:

'This in no way reflects any lack of respect or admiration for people of the LGBTQ+ community, personnel in and out of uniform who serve in this department,' Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters Friday. 'We're proud of them.' 

Kirby said there was concern for the potential that 'other challenges' could arise should an exception be made for one flag.

Unlike the modern American military, I will never respect or admire someone merely because he claims allegiance to the LGBTQ+ alphabet soup.  In the same way, I have no interest whatsoever in gay pride.  If I know someone who is gay, I'm not proud of him for that.  My pride in or respect for a person is tied to that person's accomplishments.  Thus, I have nothing but respect for the memory of Mark Bingham, one of the brave souls who saved the Capitol on 9/11.  That he was gay mattered to his social circle but not to me.

Moreover, nowadays, considering that it's "in" to be gay, the notion of there being pride attached to announcing that one is gay is ridiculous.  Bruce Jenner (AKA Caitlyn Jenner), who seems like a nice if somewhat mixed up person, expressed this perfectly when he said, "One thing, and I've talked to all my family about running for governor and, to be honest with you, it was easier to come out as trans than as a Republican candidate for governor, it was a lot tougher to sell."

The military is an organization dedicated to America's defense.  Its focus should be on training and unit cohesion.  Using the Defense Department to single out people because of their race, sex, or sexual orientation is a way to break down morale and unit cohesion.  It's a terrible idea and, as with all the left's terrible ideas, needs to stop yesterday.

Image: Navy’s gay flight crew.  Twitter screen grab.

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