The Michigan GOP submits

"Ready.  Aim.  Shoot your big toe off."  That's the Michigan's GOP's new strategy heading into 2022.  In his report on election fraud that was issued last week, Michigan senator Edward McBroom's Republican-controlled Oversight Committee recommended that attorney general Dana Nessel go after attorney Matt DePerno and grassroots groups such as "Stand Up Michigan" and the "Michigan Conservative Coalition."

[T]he Committee commends the efforts of the Antrim County clerk, staff, and many volunteers that corrected these errors and gave their time for the canvass and hand recount[.] ...

The Committee recommends the attorney general consider investigating those who have been utilizing misleading and false information about Antrim County to raise money or publicity for their own ends. The Committee finds those promoting Antrim County as the prime evidence of a nationwide conspiracy to steal the election place all other statements and actions they make in a position of zero credibility.

Dana Nessel is among the most left-wing, incompetent, blatantly political attorneys general in the nation.  Her department contributed to a horrific flood in mid-Michigan in May 2020, fighting efforts by the dam's owners to lower it to relieve pressure.

Three weeks before the 96-year-old dam failed this week amid heavy rains and caused the worst flood in Midland history, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sued its owner, alleging it illegally lowered Wixom Lake in 2018 and 2019, killing "thousands if not millions, of freshwater mussels."

"Defendants wrongfully exerted dominion over the freshwater mussels and caused their death which denies and is inconsistent with the state's right to them," state lawyers wrote in an April lawsuit.

Residents impacted by the massive flood say they are dumbfounded by the state's priorities, especially since federal regulators had warned since at least 1993 the dam failed to meet safety requirements.

And this is the person Michigan Republican senator Edward McBroom wants investigating those who call for a forensic audit.  DePerno has fired back, charging McBroom and company with slipshod investigating.

The Michigan Senate has refused to meet with our attorneys and team of forensic experts to review actual evidence of election fraud. Reportedly, Senator McBroom (who has been accused in the past of violating people's constitutional rights) has gone so far as to instruct the Republican caucus to not review evidence for themselves. If they don't review the evidence, they can continue to say they have seen no evidence.

As for the video we watched of windows being covered in the TCF Center in Detroit, where Wayne County's votes were counted again, grassroots Republicans are to blame:

The descent into disorder with so many extremely concerned citizens elicited responses from poll workers that seemed necessary to them at the time, such as covering windows, calling police, denying lawful challenges, and removing challengers. Those actions by both sides were not always lawful or wise, and increased the angst and fears of the untrained challengers and observers, as well as the many in the public who did not understand what was shown to them by the media. Despite these mistakes and, potentially, illegal actions, the Committee found no evidence fraudulent activities were undertaken...

And so it goes throughout the report: A repudiation of conservative grassroots activism and only mild wrist-slapping where Democrats break the law.

Citizens across the state were left confused and frustrated by the arrival of applications for long deceased family members, those who have moved to other states, or persons never present at that address[.] ...

[W]hile it may not be lawful to send ballots without first receiving an application, voting this ballot is not an illegal action by a lawful voter and it is not indicative of fraudulent or illicit behavior of the voter nor of an illegitimate vote.

There was no evidence presented to the Committee indicating that hundreds of thousands of absentee voter ballots were mailed to Michigan voters without previously being requested.

Perhaps there was "no evidence" because Michigan's secretary of state, Democrat Jocelyn Benson, announced in January that she was cleaning up the state's voter rolls.

[T]oday Benson made publicly available the list of approximately 177,000 voter registrations slated for cancellation because the state has reason to believe the voter has moved away from the registration address. These individuals either surrendered a Michigan Driver's License to another state or had election mail returned undeliverable to an election official prior to the 2018 election.

McBroom's report fails to even mention the 177,000.

His report is an enlightening window into Michigan politics.  The establishment GOP amounts to "get along and go along."  No one in the Michigan GOP calls for school choice.  Michigan's electric bills are among the nation's highest, so lawmakers support windmills.  And on it goes.  It's a party that could win if it truly wanted to.

Image: Steve Garvie.

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