The left is pursuing an agenda that benefits just a few leftists

For each topic dominating the news, we are asked to suspend credulity, believe lies, go along with a story that makes no sense.  The alternative is to get canceled as if we don't exist.  We are required to subjugate ourselves to those who claim a right to power, who are purportedly acting for the greater good.

We're supposed to forget or deny our country's history.  Deny knowledge of the planet and its evolution.  Forget the basic rules of science and medicine.  Treat others as less than equal humans.

Who benefits?  Every single lie comes with consequences.  The people in charge do not have anyone's best interests in mind, except for their own, bolstering their power, and amassing a fortune.

Climate change, COVID, violence in our cities, homelessness, borders and immigration, education, race — all of it is a means to an end.

Reality dictates that the climate has changed continually for 4.5 billion years, and we have proof of those changes going back 2.5 million years.  Mountains were formed by upheavals in the Earth's crust, plains by glacial movement.  Dinosaur bones were buried during an ancient climate cataclysm.  Core sample studies show glacial history.  Climate has constantly changed, from the Ice Age to a warming period, back to chilling again.  Not one of these major climate changes was wrought by man, but by the changing of the earth's tilt and orbit around the sun, by upheavals under the Earth's crust, and by the sun's activity.

How, then, does anyone swallow the myth of man-made climate change?  It's a vehicle to make people guilty and afraid, a way to control us, to enforce sacrificing common sense, in favor of allowing charlatans to take advantage and get rich.

Cleaning up our environment should be a separate issue.  We need to be good stewards of our Earth, follow real science, and use resources wisely.  Otherwise, we experience deadly outages such as Texas's recent freeze and California's ongoing brownouts when it's hot out.  We set unattainable goals that impoverish our society but enrich the powerful.

Solar and wind farms kill birds and don't provide dependable power.  If we eschew dependence on cheap, easily extracted natural gas, mandate all-electric homes and cars, and then destroy the electric grid with unsustainable alternative energy that works only when the sun shines or the wind blows, how many people will die?  When people are starving, maybe we'll wake up.

Then there's COVID.  We now know — despite suppression of that knowledge and the cancelation of scientists' testimony — that COVID is a treatable condition for otherwise healthy people.

Early treatment with cheap, off-patent drugs could have, would have, eliminated a lot of the 600,000 deaths we've had in America.  Early management (e.g., not putting sick people in nursing homes) would have eliminated more.  Shutting down society, cowering indoors, and masking ourselves and our children are futile and harmful efforts.  Why are the people forcing these things still in power?  Why are they pushing the vaccine on everyone, as unproven as it is?  Why is there now a group of "vaccine billionaires"?

We've recently seen the results of lab analysis of masks children wore.  In an open society, where news flows freely, this information would have moved like wildfire through the country, and our absurd mask mandates would be dropped like the hot potato they are, lest they further sicken our youth.

We've opened our border to a violent and dangerous influx.  We've allowed, even encouraged, violence in our cities.  We've seen the rise of Antifa and BLM alongside a Critical Race Theory curriculum in our schools.  We've demonized police, and the U.S. attorney general has asserted the danger of "white supremacy" with no examples, not one indictment, and no proof.

We've continually referred to the January 6 demonstrations as an armed insurrection, yet there were no guns, and nobody died — except Ashli Babbitt, who died at the hands of someone on the Capitol police force or maybe a Secret Service agent.  We've demonized whites as racists and ignored black-on-black crime completely.

Put these things together, you come up with an excuse to form a national police force.  It is the final piece in the puzzle, leading us to a Marxist revolution, autocracy, and America's failure.  Is that what we want?  I think not.  History has shown that to be a recipe for mass murder, every single time it's happened.

We must stop it.  Parents are speaking out, objecting to CRT.  People are refusing vaccines and masks.  Elections will matter if we can break the control of the tech monopolies, a big "if."  We need to be outspoken and brave, and we must remember that there are 75,000,000 or so of us.  It's time to speak our values and counter the left's out-of-control counterculture.

Image: Edvard Munch's "The Scream."  Public domain.

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