The gigantic cost of the COVID lockdowns: Air Force pilot training edition

Here is a COVID death that should be blamed on the lockdown that caused it.  Russ Niles reports for

The death of a new Air Force F-16 pilot in a 2020 landing accident at Shaw Air Force Base has prompted major changes in operational flight training. Lt. David Schmitz died when his ejection seat malfunctioned as his Viper slid along the runway on partially collapsed landing gear after he hit the localizer antenna while landing last June 30. It was the culmination of a night training flight for which he was utterly unprepared, according to the final investigation report. (snip) Schmitz was about two-thirds of his way to becoming a fully operational combat pilot at the time of the accident. 

The mission that night was to refuel from a tanker and do a simulated attack on enemy air defenses. He was supposed to have learned aerial refueling — in daylight — during his basic F-16 training but COVID-19 measures meant there were major gaps in his training. The night mission was his first attempt at the complex operation and investigators cited the lack of training in their report. [emphasis added]

Lt. David Schmitz, may he rest in peace (photo source).

As David Paulin, himself a pilot, emailed me:

Who or what prompted the Air Force to respond to Covid measures as it did with its pilot training? Was it politicians? Fauci? The CDC? Somebody here has blood on their hands.

How badly was pilot training curtailed?  Presumably, trainees were not the only pilots who trained and practiced less during whatever lockdowns were imposed by the Air Force.

And what about training in other branches and other functions of the military?  Our service members deal with some of the most sophisticated machines and systems that exist on the face of the Earth.  Many of them require constant training and practice to keep skills at an acceptable level.

How badly has our military readiness been impaired by lockdowns?

We now know that these general populace lockdowns were not effective.  Until 2020, only the sick were quarantined to slow epidemics.  With COVID-19, people were urged to stay home, where it turns out the virus spread more virulently than outdoors, where people were sometimes arrested (for example, for surfing alone).  Exercise was curtailed, aggravating obesity and other serious, widespread health problems.

Photos by author.

Medical procedures and examinations were delayed.  How many cases of cancer went undetected and became unstoppable?  How about heart disease and other progressive conditions that went undetected or untreated?

Then there is the rise in suicides, and the long-term psychological damage, especially to our children.  The lockdowns will exact a large price for an entire generation,

Sweden, which didn't lock down its healthy populace, has had an overall death rate in the middle range of the world’s countries, and better than most of Western Europe.  It was all unnecessary.


Notice that Africa, where the anti-parasite drug ivermectin is widely taken, and where hydroxychloroquine is also widely used, has fared far better than the rest of the world's richer countries.

Why did public health authorities and power-mad governors so quickly seize on the idea of societal lockdowns?  Why did the military follow suit?

These are important questions that demand answers, and they are issues that our agitprop media will never seek to investigate.

Hat tip: David Paulin.

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