Stand up and cheer for Mark Robinson's viral GOP speech

Mark Robinson exploded into the conservative consciousness three years ago, when he gave an impassioned, informed, and rousing defense of the Second Amendment.  That speech gave him so much prominence that he successfully ran in 2020 to become North Carolina's Lieutenant Governor.  He is not shy about his conservative values — and he is also not shy about telling fellow conservatives that they need to find some backbone.  And so this amazing snippet showed up on the internet:

If you're like me, after hearing that, you may just want to march right out of your house and declare your principles at the top of your lungs — and then be willing to fight for them.

A couple of few comments:

Robinson is a splendid orator and needs a bigger pulpit than North Carolina.

Having said that, for those imagining him as a running mate for Ron DeSantis in 2024, I don't see that happening.  He has some issues in his past.

First, he's filed for bankruptcy three times, which is something he needs an "elevator pitch" to address.

Second, he's not tactful (which is scarcely surprising for a fighter).  As Wikipedia is happy to tell readers, he opposes abortion; rejects "the scientific consensus on climate change" (the same "scientific consensus," I assume, that said COVID comes from pangolins) and opposes recreational pot; disbelieves in transgenderism, is concerned about Muslims; hated Obama (an atheist and foreign-born); dislikes Democrat Blacks; opposes atheism; dislikes leftist Jews; and views homosexuality as a sin.

All these views can be stated respectfully.  The problem is that Robinson's Facebook page was long on the powerful and colorful, with a good dose of revival Christianity thrown in, and short on the respect.  For example, he didn't like the movie Black Panther (which I lost interest in after 15 minutes), but he threw in a lot of classic anti-Semitic rhetoric to make that point.  As part of his dislike for Obama, he called Michelle a man, which is a surprisingly common belief, but not a politically useful one.

Unlike leftists, who cast people into the outer reaches for any deviation from doctrinal purity, I don't like to do that.  I can condemn slavery as a profound and immoral evil, but I still respect the Founding Fathers for giving us the gift of the greatest form of government ever devised by man, a government that benefits all people, regardless of race, color, creed, country of national origin, sex, sexuality, or any other of the artificial divisions leftists love to create.

Mark Robinson is an imperfect person (and aren't we all?) with some beliefs that don't jive with mine and a disdain for Jews that always worries me in anybody.  Having said that, he loves his country passionately, gives absolute fealty to the Constitution (which means he won't ever use the instruments of government against those whom he dislikes), and has a rare rhetorical gift that should be cherished and celebrated.

I hope we hear more from Lt. Gov. Robinson. And speaking as a Jew, I hope that, while he retains his core values, he recognizes that the things he dislikes in Jews stem not from the Jewish faith or nation, but from the leftism that, sadly, infuses way too much of the Jewish community.  Just as he would dislike it if I trafficked in ugly stereotypes about Blacks, mainly because doing so is really stupid, I'd like him to see that trafficking in ugly stereotypes about Jews is no better.

Image: Mark Robinson.  Twitter screen grab.

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