Some yapping from Chihuahua: Mexican beauty queen with Miss Universe title wants to tell us how to run our country

Back in the old days, beauty queens would tell us their fondest desire was for ... whirled peas.

Nowadays, it's all about telling gringo how to run his country.

Which is the buried news we got from an interview with the newly crowned Miss Universe from Chihuahua, Mexico, Andrea Meza, who told Fox News with characteristic breathiness:

Meza: I want to take advantage of every single moment. I want to do the most I can with it. I worked with the consulate general in New York and we had this amazing conversation about women empowerment and gender-based violence. That’s one of my main focuses.  

I want to give women a voice. I want to let the world know the conditions of the Latin community here in the States, as well as in general. I want to raise awareness of gender-based violence because it happens all around the world, not just in Mexico or the Latin community. We need to create awareness for it. And for me, it’s only beginning.

She wants to let the world know the conditions of the Latin community here in the states? Why not the Latin community in some place like Russia or China? Or better yet, Mexico?

Somehow America's the target because America's the bad guy and she's inclined to use her beauty-queen megaphone to tell all the world's nations about it. 

Somehow, I don't think this "conditions" statement is a bid to tell migrants not to emigrate to the states illegally, paying coyotes thousands of dollars for the illegal trip up norte. More likely, it's that gringo doesn't do enough for them. Is she going to tell the Mexicans just how terrible life in the states is so they don't emigrate here illegally? I'm gonna say 'no' especially since she said she's meeting with the Mexican consulate in New York and we all know that they've got an agenda.

Maybe she can explain why she seems to think her country is all a bunch of saints with only gringos the predators and the United States the maw of death, with criminal illegals who plague the states somehow non-existent.

Naturally, she thinks Mexico is some sort of paradise, serving as "ambassador" to her native Chihuahua, and explaining in her video how wonderful it is:

That's fine and dandy, so why would anyone want to leave such a place to head to the states where all the bad conditions are, for her to want to make the matter her platform issue?

Seems she came here to do some political activism, aiming to shower the benefits onto the illegals as a foreign national, politically campaigning in the states, the very country that gave her her crown.

Let's see what she would say if one of us went down to Mexico to campaign about "conditions" for Latinos in her country. The whole thing is unseemly and crosses the line between the generically vapid but good-intentioned "whirled peas" of traditional beauty queens into full-blown wokester activism of the Kaepernick set. One hopes it was just a beginner's mistake on her part and not a truly stupid wokester platform, but who knows in this day and age?

Get woke, go broke, lady. Same for your organization.

Image: Screen shot from shareable Instagram video

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