Smackdown: Big Oil exposes oil-hating North Face clothing company as buck-naked hypocrites

There's nothing like a smarmy hypocrite getting exposed, and North Face, the virtue-signaling outdoor clothier, just got called out as an emperor with no clothes on, following its declaration of war on Big Oil.

Here's the must-see smackdown video, done by a think tank and featuring a Big Oil employee, exposing the company in all its naked glory.

North Face had declared war on Big Oil by sanctimoniously refusing to make custom jackets with their label on them for the employees of an oil firm that tried to give them some business. The oil and gas extractors wanted to give their employees Christmas gifts with the jackets. North Face, however, said 'no' and claiming such a request was the same as a request from a porno company and therefore didn't "align" with their values because the company was all about saving the planet. 

By buying petroleum products, which are used to the tune of 90% to create its products. No pure cotton goodness for them, no silk or linen, no fresh-sheared sheep wool, it's all about nylon and polyester for those backpacks.

According to the Daily Wire:

The oil and gas industry is launching a campaign against North Face over the outdoor retailer’s refusal to associate with oil and gas despite heavily relying on the industry to make its products.

A group of oil and gas companies led by Chris Wright, the CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services in Denver, is mounting a billboard and internet campaign mocking North Face for its reliance on oil and gas while distancing itself from the industry, according to Fox Business.

The incident happened in late 2020. The Washington Times reported:

A growing list of companies are bowing to pressure from climate-change groups to stiff-arm the oil-and-gas industry, but as far as Adam Anderson is concerned, The North Face shouldn’t be one of them.

Mr. Anderson, CEO of Innovex Downhole Solutions in Houston, went public last week after The North Face rejected an order for 400 jackets with the Innovex logo because, as he told CBS7 in Midland, “we were an oil-and-gas services company.”

The denial came even though the vast majority of The North Face hoodies, coats, gloves, snow pants and other apparel, as well as tents and backpacks, are made with nylon, polyester and polyurethane — all of which come from petroleum. Fleece jackets are also polyester.

North Face advertises for that custom-cut business, at this point, probably now through its vaguely worded "Pro Program" here, urging companies with no restrictions to "partner" with them for duds, backpacks, tents, and stuff. Yet they have no intention of "baking the cake" for certain kinds of customers, whom they don't specify on their site. Which is kind of ironic: They've got their logo up there in big rainbow stripes, but we didn't hear from them when the baker in that gay cake case in Colorado got dragged through the court system over his refusal to bake a gay wedding cake based on his religious objections, or if you want to put it North Face's way, "corporate values." They like being hypocrites of many dimensions. Maybe they should change their name to Two Face.

The Washington Times notes several instances of comparable hypocrisy of these greenie virtue-signaling companies up to their ears in petroleum products, too.

What this video shows is that Big Oil is striking back. They're doing it through a think-tank, which is fine, but it would be nice to see big Exxon and Chevron logos placed there, too, it might be a force-multiplier. The industry has been kicked around by unelected leftists for years and much more in the wake of the fraudy Joe presidency.

Already leftists are licking their chops for Big Oil in the wake of a Eurotrash judge's ruling that Shell Oil is responsible for global warming and therefore must go out of business unless it can meet impossibly high standards for global emissions. 

Big Oil needs to be fighting back now. It's good to see such a smackdown of North Face, a company founded by Doug Tompkins, the late co-founder of the Esprit empire, and husband (eventually ex-) of big-time Hillary Clinton bundler and BFF Susie Tompkins. As if Xinjiang slave labor in the cotton fields weren't bad enough on the Esprit front, this attack on Big Oil from a company that is supplied by Big Oil is hypocrisy to the max.

This video is a masterly production that ought to be repeated, again and again as the corporate wokester crowd attempts to shut down America with its virtue-signaling. Don't mess with Big Oil.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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