Scientific (sic) American grudgingly admits Earth might not be flat, Israel might be correct

The International Zionist Conspiracy strikes again!  Pressured by those Zionists and others who think a magazine and a site that for 175 years has operated under the name "Scientific American" should be...uh, scientific — i.e., dedicated to truth and facts and...uh, American — i.e., fair, the magazine editors reluctantly retracted an article that was not truthful and not factual — in other words, not scientific and not American.  In other words, not fair.

The fact-filled and fair organization CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis) called them out for publishing a hate-filled propaganda piece by "health care workers and faculty from around the world who stand with the Palestinian [sic!] people in their struggle for freedom and liberation" by advocating terror against those Zionists — i.e., Israel.  Other lovers of truth, and not only Joooos, did also.  And so Scientific (sic) (un) American editors grudgingly retracted the post, sputtering, "This article fell outside the scope of Scientific American and has been removed."  Oh.

But, as they did not apologize for publishing an article more worthy of Der Stürmer, they are admitting they agree with the hateful, unscientific content but are just sorry they were caught furthering their distorted, biased narrative.  After all, just a few days earlier the same editors had justified publishing the article because 

Scientific American publishes opinion and analysis articles from a variety of viewpoints. As is the case with all opinion articles, the views expressed here do not necessarily represent those of Scientific American.

Last (lying) phrase notwithstanding, this quick opinion turnaround is not to be trusted.  After all, these are the same editors who endorsed Joe Biden (D) for president, which has nothing to do with science, and, earlier, caved to Communist China's pressure by removing the name of that little country, Taiwan, on which the Communist Chinese have imperialist designs.

There are also rumors that the magazine's editors are checking out the crazy theory that the Earth is not flat; that 2+2=4 (white supremacist patriarchy lies); and, most unbelievable of all to them, former President Donald J. Trump (R)'s claims that the Wuhan coronavirus originated in Communist China (raaacist!).

For real science, peruse Star Trek, which is more accurate than Scientific American.  And drop your subscription to the latter.

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