Portland cops tell Antifa there's no need to riot, cause the guy we just killed was white

So, please remind me again, which race is it that is so privileged?  

Lee Brown writes in the New York Post:

Antifa militants attacked police in Portland, Oregon, after news broke of a deadly police shooting — forcing the department to quickly announce that it was a "white male" to prevent riots, according to police and reports.

At least 50 protesters, most dressed all in black and carrying anti-fascist signs, gathered at a Motel 6 late Thursday where police shot a suicidal man who charged at them with a screwdriver, The Oregonian said. (snip)

In the middle of the mayhem, cops tried to dispel "erroneous information being circulated on social media," with local journalist Andy Ngo saying that "Antifa falsely claimed the deceased was a black or brown person" in flyers.

"We can confirm that the subject involved is an adult white male," the department stressed.

The officer who fired the fatal shot was black, and was placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard practice, The Oregonian said.

In the bad old days of the Democrat-run Jim Crow South, the rumor that a White girl or woman had been attacked — or even looked at — by a Black male was sometimes enough to set off a mob.  Today, in the Democrat-run big cities, mobs once again are set off by rumors — now, of the death of a Black man at the hands of the police.  Democrats still run racist regimes, but the regions involved and the races persecuted or protected have flipped.

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