No Communion for Joe and Nancy

We're always skeptical of polls, but this one confirms what I hear from the people I go to Mass with.  This is from Catholic Vote:

CatholicVote released a poll Tuesday showing a strong majority of Mass-attending Catholics believe politicians who oppose Church teaching should not present themselves for Communion.

The poll found that 83% of churchgoing Catholics believe politicians who oppose Catholic teachings "create confusion and disunity."

74% believe that "Catholic public officials who disagree with their Church on serious or grave matters" should "avoid creating confusion and disunity by not presenting themselves for communion...."

The polling data comes just before the U.S. Bishops begin their June 16-18 Spring Assembly meeting, when they are slated to debate and vote on producing a teaching document about how to properly receive the Eucharist.

Confusion and disunity are an understatement.  It confuses the heck out of young people who are caught between the culture and the Church's teachings.

As a Catholic, I've always felt that the Vatican should be very clear on the matter of abortion.  This is a matter of life and death.  We've terminated 50 million lives in the U.S. because of abortion.  God only knows what the international number is!

Pope Francis has an opportunity to hit our depraved culture between the eyes.  The pope should make it clear that Biden and Pelosi should confess and then publicly call for an end to abortion.  If not, then they can search for another church!

It's time, and the parishioners agree.

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